How many endings are in outlast?

How many endings are in outlast?

The game has two parallel endings, which are interwoven together. Throughout the game, flashbacks of Jessica are shown, including one where it is implied that she took her own life.

Is outlast a true story?

One of the ways Outlast succeeded in doing this when it was released (in 2013 for PCs, 2014 for the PlayStation and Xbox and in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch) was to base its setting’s backstory on a real-life event. …

Why did Lynn say theres nothing there?

After giving birth, Lynn turns her head toward Blake, who is now holding their child, and says cryptically “There’s nothing there,” as she dies. One interpretation of this is that, as she is dying, she realizes that there is not paradise or anything waiting for her after death: there’s nothing there.

Is the Walrider a ghost?

Background. While appearing ghostly in nature, the Walrider is actually a swarm of nanites; small, nanoscopic machines which collectively possess great strength and power. It is unclear if William “Billy” Hope simply learned to control the swarm, or if he is the first patient to fully manifest the Walrider.

Does miles become the Walrider?

Wernicke and several soldiers waiting for him. The soldiers shoot him, but as he falls to the ground, Wernicke realizes Miles has become The Walrider’s new host. As the screen fades to black, The Walrider can be heard killing the soldiers as they scream in agony.

Is Outlast 2 Based on a true story?

Morin stated in the interview that one of the inspirations for the story of Outlast 2 was a lot of research into the Jonestown Massacre, which he said has been dubbed the biggest mass suicide ever in recorded history. …

Is outlast 1 or 2 better?

In outlast 2 its too open most people don’t attack and you can always escape but outlast 2 is far more brutal who would like to get pinned on a cross. So outlast 1 is better. But it just my opinion its about if you like more horror or more action.

What is the backstory of Outlast?

Outlast tells the story of a reporter who gets a tip from an anonymous informant that something fishy is going on at a mountain asylum. The reporter goes there to investigate, but when he arrives he realizes that all hell has broken loose already.

Who is Chris in outlast?

Chris L. “Strongfat” Walker is the secondary antagonist in Outlast and a minor antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower. He is a recurring and very large Variant that pursues Miles Upshur relentlessly, and who is considerably larger and stronger than any other inmate.

What did the priest do to Jessica in outlast 2?

Loutermilch, at the top of the stairs, tells Blake that the situation is not what it seems. It is heavily implied that Loutermilch physically and sexually assaulted Jessica. When talking to Parham he tells her that Jessica is more sensitive that she ought to be and suggests not sending her to the school trip.

What happened Blake langermann?

Upon being captured by Laird, Blake is crucified with hammer and nails, in a similar manner to Jesus Christ, leaving holes in both of his hands which are then covered by bandages.

Does Outlast 2 have an ending?

Much like its predecessor, the endings in Outlast 2 leave you feeling little closure. You never find out how the story of Blake and Jessica ties into the events that take place in the village, and Jessica’s suicide remains to be a tad bit suspicious.

Can you change Jessica appearance in Outlast 2?

Please do not continue if you are sensitive to these themes. You can get one of two outcomes during your playthrough of Outlast 2. While the results are nearly identical, something you do during the game will trigger a change in Jessica’s appearance when you find her in the school cafeteria at the end of the game.

Does Knoth kill the baby in Outlast 2?

The other person to consider in Outlast 2’s ending is Knoth, who not only acknowledges the baby, but also emphasizes killing it.