How many cups do you need to make a cup snowman?

How many cups do you need to make a cup snowman?

You need white plastic cups and a stapler. Each ball takes about 100 cups.

How do you make a snowman out of foam cups?


  1. Cut a 1-inch wide strip of felt using the full length of the felt sheet.
  2. Place your foam cup upside down.
  3. Cut triangles from orange felt and glue them to the face area.
  4. For the earmuffs, cut a pipe cleaner in half.
  5. Trim one side of a pom pom to make it a little flatter.

How do you make a homemade snowman?

Wrap large gifts in white paper and stack them up into a snowman. Make his face and top hat out of paper, and don’t forget a scarf- or sunglasses! ‘Tis the season for snowmen, but there’s no rule that they have to be made out of snow. Instead, turn to everyday materials you may already have lying around the house.

What to make with plastic cups?

Fun Things to do with Plastic Cups

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How many cups do you need to make a snowman?

You’ll need to staple approximately 300 plastic cups to make this adorable snowman. Form two ball shapes with this method one smaller for the head and one larger for the body. Then add decorations such as a scarf and eyes.

How do you make a snowman?

Either people build snowmen with one small ball and one big ball, the big and small here being relative in size to the innumerable small snowballs that go into the making of these balls; or shape the snowmen in an oblong fashion. The same shape applies to a plastic cup snowman.

How do you make a snowman with pink circles?

Add a little blush to the snowman by cutting out small pink circles from a colored paper and attaching them to the sides of the face. Using a hot glue gun is neater for the project as it does not show the seams of the snowman like a staple would.

Does a snowman make you feel happy at Christmas?

But, a snowman doesn’t restrict itself to Christmas alone, because a snowman is around until the snow is. And just like it doesn’t stick just to Christmas, you will be surprised that it also doesn’t need to just stick to snow to make us feel happy.