How long should conclusion be dissertation?

How long should conclusion be dissertation?

Your conclusion does not need to be very long; no more than five pages is usually sufficient, although detailed recommendations for practice may require more space.

How do you write Chapter results?

The Discussion section needs to follow from your results and relate back to your literature review. Make sure that everything you discuss is covered in the results section….Discussion SectionInterpret and explain your results.Answer your research question.Justify your approach.Critically evaluate your study.

How do you structure a results section?

The results section should simply state the findings, without bias or interpretation, and arranged in a logical sequence. The results section should always be written in the past tense.

What should be included in conclusion?

What to include in a conclusionEnd the essay on a positive note.Communicate the importance of your ideas and the subject matter.Provide the reader with a sense of closure.Reiterate and summarize your main points.Rephrase and then restate your thesis statement.

How many words should a discussion be?

As is the case with the whole article, text of the Discussion section should be written with a simple language, as if we are talking with our colleague. Each sentence should indicate a single point, and it should not exceed 25–30 words.