How long is the GWSR?

How long is the GWSR?

about the gwsr The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is a volunteer operated heritage railway in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire offering a round trip of 28 miles. It uses part of the route of the former Great Western Railway’s main line from Birmingham to Cheltenham which used to run via Stratford-upon-Avon.

Will GWSR extend to Honeybourne?

The future of Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway’s (GWSR) trackbed north of Broadway to Honeybourne appears to be secure, following a series of recent developments. Currently, GWSR isn’t in a position to extend the railway northwards and is unlikely to contemplate it in the foreseeable future.

Is Winchcombe station open?

Winchcombe railway station serves Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, England, although it is actually located in the village of Greet….Winchcombe railway station.

1 February 1905 Opened
7 March 1960 Closed to passengers
2 November 1964 Goods facilities withdrawn
2 August 1987 Reopened

How long is the Gloucester steam railway?

14 miles

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
The Honeybourne Line
Operated by Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Plc
Stations 6
Length 14 miles (23 km)

Where do GWR trains run?

Great Western Railway is the primary train operator in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Oxfordshire.

How long is the Honeybourne Line Cheltenham?

The Heritage Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway have reopened the 14-mile section of the 22-mile-long Honeybourne Line, between Broadway and Cheltenham Racecourse, and hopes to extend its operations a further 5 miles, to Honeybourne, for which Network Rail has made passive provision.

What is winch Winchcombe?

Winchcombe (/ˈwɪntʃkəm/) is a market town of early medieval origin, in the Cotswold hills of Gloucestershire, England, 6.2 mi (10 km) north-east of Cheltenham. Fragments of the Winchcombe meteorite, originating from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, landed in the town on 28 February 2021.

Who is GWR owned by?

Great Western Railway (GWR) is a British train operating company owned by FirstGroup that operates the Greater Western passenger railway franchise. It manages 197 stations and its trains call at over 270.

Where does the Honeybourne line start?

Cheltenham railway station
The ‘hidden gem’ of Cheltenham known as the Honeybourne Line runs from Cheltenham railway station and Queens Road to Tommy Taylors Lane, Pittville Park and Wymans Brook as well as branching off towards the town centre following the river Chelt.

Is winchcombe a nice place to live?

“We moved to Winchcombe because we just loved the spot. It’s an ideal place to live and work. It has beautiful surroundings, the countryside is an area of outstanding natural beauty, it has a wonderful community and businesses work well together,” she says.

Was winchcombe the capital of Mercia?

The site was first settled when Cenwulf, King of Mercia, founded an abbey here in the 8th century. Winchcombe, which means ‘Valley-with-a-bend’, went on to become the capital of Mercia, an important Saxon town with the right to mint its own coins.

Is the railway open in Cheltenham?

Covid-19 update: The railway is now open again. At Broadway, Winchcombe and Cheltenham Racecourse stations the Public will not have access to the platforms. This will help maintain social distancing. All journeys will start and and finish at … Read More

Where is rewindwinchcombe station?

Winchcombe station is the administrative headquarters of the Railway and, in common with a number of former Great Western Railway stations, is not actually in the place it carries the name for and is situated in the village of Greet about 1 mile outside Winchcombe.

What is the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway?

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway is a volunteer operated heritage railway in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire offering a round trip of 28 miles.

What is there to do at Winchcombe station?

Winchcombe’s facilities include a 1950’s style café on the platform where you can have a drink or a snack before catching the train. Please note that there is only limited car parking at Winchcombe Station, although coaches can set-down and pick-up.