How long does it take to charge a Yuasa motorcycle battery?

How long does it take to charge a Yuasa motorcycle battery?

A minimum of 24 hours is normal. It might be impossible to charge an over discharged battery.

How long does it take to charge a Yuasa battery?

Test the battery’s charge using a voltmeter. Batteries that read 9.75 volts or higher will require 3-6 hours charging. Those between 3.25 volts and 9.75 volts will require roughly 5-11 hours. Batteries below 3.25 volts will need to be charged anywhere from 13-20 hours.

How do I know when my 12v battery is fully charged?

To check the voltage you’ll need a voltmeter, which can be purchased cheaply from most major automotive parts stores. Check the voltage of your battery using the voltmeter to help determine your next course of action. 12.6V volts or above – Your battery is healthy and fully charged.

What is the ratio of acid to water in a battery?

The exact water-to-sulfuric acid ratio is around: 80% water to 20% sulfuric acid in the electrolyte battery.

What should a 12 volt battery read when fully charged?

12.6 volts
Fully charged automotive batteries should measure at 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running, this measurement should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

Is Yuasa AGM?

AGM Explained. Yuasa’s world leading motorcycle and industrial AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology comes to the automotive market. The Yuasa automotive AGM battery has been engineered to meet the growing extreme power demands of recently introduced vehicles now starting to enter the European aftermarket.

What are the dimensions of a ytx9-bs battery?

Battery Details: Battery Type: YTX9-BS Battery Family: Fresh Pack, Maintenance Free Voltage: 12 Capacity (10-HR): 8 Dimensions: 6 in. x 3 7⁄16 in. x 4 3⁄16 in.

Is the information in the Yuasa Battery applications and speciications book current?

Users are cautioned that the information contained in this book was the most current information provided to us at the time of publication. The information is subject to change upon notice from equipment manufacturers or ield experience. Users should always use the most current edition of the Yuasa Battery Applications and Speciications.

Is Yuasa liable for the damage caused by this book?

While we have made every effort to accurately catalog the replacement battery information contained in this book, Yuasa denies any liability for damages as a consequence of using the information in this book.

What are the dimensions of a ytz12 case?

YTZ7S 6 6.3 130 4 7/16 x 2 3/4 x 4 1/8 113 x 70 x 105 4.6 2.1 YTZ10S 8.6 9.1 190 6 x 3 7/16 x 3 11/16 150 x 87 x 93 7.0 3.2 YTZ12S 11 11.6 210 6 x 3 7/16 x 4 3/8 150 x 87 x 110 8.2 3.7 YTZ14S 11.2 11.8 230 6 x 3 7/16 x 4 3/8 150 x 87 x 110 8.6 3.9 *CCA measured by BCI/SAE standard at 0ΒΊ F. HEAT SEALED CASE TO COVER