How is the work culture in L Hydrocarbon?

How is the work culture in L Hydrocarbon?

L hydrocarbon engineering have 3 different yard and from them MFF-3 has very bad culture while working. Some senior person daily talk with the bad language and force to work after duty hour’s at daily basis.

How many verticals are there in L Hydrocarbon engineering business?

L Hydrocarbon Engineering offerings span the entire Hydrocarbon chain through it verticals – Onshore, Offshore, Construction Services, Modular Fabrication & AdVENT (Advanced Value Engineering & Technology).

How many verticals does lthe have?

The nine verticals include power, hydrocarbons, mechanical and products, switchgear, heavy engineering, infrastructure, building, minerals and metals and electrical.

What is the meaning of lthe?

Acronym. Definition. LTHE. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (UK)

Is L Hydrocarbon a good company?

The overall rating of L Hydrocarbon Engineering is 4.0, with Skill development being rated at the top and given a rating of 3.9.

How is L Hydrocarbon Quora?

L Hydrocarbon is a good company to join a GET. First of all it is an profitable business unit, that means you will get enough remuneration at the end of year. There are two section in hydrocarbon : Upstream and downstream. There is lot to learn and earn.

What is the business of Larsen and Toubro?

Construction. L Construction is among the world’s Top 30 contractors. The business encompasses multiple business – Buildings & Factories, Transport Infrastructure, Heavy Civil Infrastructure, Smart World & Communication, Water & Renewable Energy and Power Transmission & Distribution.

What is the major business of L?

L is a leading EPC solutions provider in the fields of minerals, metals and bulk material handling for large industrial, steel, aluminium, copper and zinc complexes, associated facilities and the mining industry.

Why do you want to join LTI?

As an LTI consultant you will have the opportunity to work in the most challenging environments. Our clients are large organizations with very involved, technically complex computing installations that serve many people around the globe.

Who is owner of L and T company?

S N Subrahmanyan is the CEO & MD of Larsen & Toubro and serves on the board of directors of this multi billion dollar conglomerate. SNS, as he is popularly known, is also Vice Chairman on the boards of LTI, L Technology Services & Mindtree and Chairman of L Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited.

What do you know about L?

Larsen & Toubro Ltd, commonly known as L, is an Indian multinational conglomerate, with business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology and financial services, headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded by two Danish engineers taking refuge in India. …