How is the education system in Ukraine?

How is the education system in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian education system is switching from an 11-year program to a 12-year program. This includes four years of elementary education, five years of basic education, and three years of branch education. The final three years will serve as either academic or vocational training.

Is Ukraine good for education?

Ukraine is also home to over 800 institutes of higher education and has a varied economy, concentrated mostly in and around big cities such as Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa. It’s worth noting Ukraine has significantly lower tuition fees than many countries, both in Europe and worldwide.

Is Ukraine a safe country to study?

Ukraine is a very safe country to live and study in provided that you remember some basic personal security measures: Avoid walking alone late at night in dark or poorly-lit streets. Keep any valuables and cash safe and out of sight, especially in crowded areas, tourist spots and public transport and so forth.

Is education free in Ukraine for international students?

Although there are costs of studying involved, there are ways that you can study in Ukraine for free, which many international students have accomplished.

What age do you finish high school in Ukraine?

School level

Grade Age School level
9 14/15 secondary, base
10 15/16 secondary, last
11 16/17
12 17/18

Is Ukraine Hot or cold?

Ukraine has a temperate continental climate with cold, snowy winters and warm summers. Summer is generally the best time to visit (between June and September), although it can occasionally be uncomfortably hot and many hotels do not have air conditioning.

What are the problems of Education in Ukraine?

Externally, corruption and quality problems affect the international reputation of Ukrainian education. Alarmed by frequent reports of corruption in Ukrainian medical schools, Saudi Arabia, for example, no longer automatically recognizes Ukrainian medical degrees.

How much does the state spend on education in Ukraine?

Satu Kahkonen, the World Bank Country Director for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine, noted in a recent article that “While visiting schools in Ukraine, especially village schools, it is hard to believe that the state spends 6 percent of GDP on education—one of the highest rates of public spending on education in the world.

What is the political situation in Ukraine?

Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the declaration of Ukraine’s independence in August 1991, Ukraine has struggled amid high levels of corruption and political instability to maintain social cohesion and establish better public institutions.