How fast is a 1999 Seadoo GTX?

How fast is a 1999 Seadoo GTX?

Thanks to the 782cc, 110 HP engine, the top speed of the Sea-Doo GSX was about 54-56 mph in stock condition.

How much horsepower does a Sea-Doo GTX have?

230 hp
GTX 230

Engine 230
Type 1630 ACE™- 230
Engine Horse Power 230 hp
Engine intake system Supercharged with external intercooler
Cylinders & Displacement 1630 cc

How fast does a Sea-Doo GTX Limited go?

You can expect the Sea-Doo GTX’s top speed to be around 55-67mph depending on the model. As Sea-Doo GTX models have supercharged as well as non-supercharged engines, we should check these models one-by-one.

How fast is a 1999 Seadoo XP limited?

It featured a 951cc Rotax with reed-style intake valves and Sea-Doo’s RAVE exhaust valves. This engine, with 130 horsepower, provided all a rider needed to push the boat to its limits – and a top speed of 60 mph.

How fast does a 2000 Seadoo GTX go?

I have a 2000 GTX, and it only runs 58-59 mph. by the speedometer and 6690 RPM’s. It has 151 lbs.

How fast does a 1997 Seadoo GTX go?

Strizzo said: He posted compression (151/150), hours (225), rider weight (180lbs), gps measured speed (44mph), and what he has seen mentioned as the normal top speed for a 97 gtx (52) in the first post.

How fast is a 90 hp jet ski?

At the next level is a string of popular jet skis powered by ninety horsepower engines. These small but mighty vessels can hit speeds of up to fifty miles-per-hour and are great choices for people looking to get into jet skis without breaking the bank.

How much horsepower does a 1997 SeaDoo XP have?


Model Year Length HP
1997 272 cm/107in 110
1998 272 cm/107in 130
1999 272 cm/107in 130
2000 272 cm/107in 130

What kind of engine does a 1999 seadoo GSX have?

Engine In 1999, Seadoo fitted its GSX Limited model with a 951 cc two-stroke twin-cylinder Rotax 947 engine. The 1999 GSX Limited was 105 inches long. The GSX Limited featured an electric starter and a 12-volt battery.

How much does a 1999 Sea Doo cost?

Nice Pre-Owned 1999 Sea-Doo GTX RFI Personal Watercraft in Gold and White, one owner, only 260 hours, stock #1364a. $2,495.00Technology, quality, and luxury launched the Sea-Doo GTX* RFI to worldwide acclaim.

What kind of graphics card does Sea Doo use?

1999 Sea-Doo GTX Limited & 1999 Sea-Doo GSX RFI 1999 Sea-Doo GTX Limited Weekends were made to enjoy and the Sea-Doo GTX* Limited has everything you need to enjoy them to the fullest. It’s the ultimate combination of powerful performance, precise, predictable handling, and fully-equipped luxury.

How big is a seadoo watercraft?

This personal watercraft was 37 inches high with a width of 45.7 inches. The Seadoo GSX Limited weighed 531 pounds and could handle a maximum load of 351 pounds.