How do you write et al in an essay?

How do you write et al in an essay?

Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Manual: For research papers having three or more authors, MLA states that, for the reference list, the first author’s surname should be cited, followed by a comma, then the rest of the name, followed by “et al.” For in-text citations, the first author’s surname is followed by “et …

How do you write et al in a reference?

The abbreviation “et al.” (meaning “and others”) is used to shorten in-text citations with three or more authors. Here’s how it works: Only include the first author’s last name, followed by “et al.”, a comma and the year of publication, for example (Taylor et al., 2018).

How do you reference in an essay example?

You must cite all information used in your paper, whenever and wherever you use it. When citing sources in the body of your paper, list the author’s last name only (no initials) and the year the information was published, like this: (Dodge, 2008). (Author, Date).

What is et al example?

The phrase “et al.” is derived from the Latin phrase et alia, meaning and others. The most common way you’ll see et al. For example, you might see the phrase, “Horowitz et al. (2012) published ground-breaking research,” which means that Horowitz and others published the research.

Do you put a comma before et al?

In MLA style, a comma is generally only used before et al. in the “Author” slot of works-cited-list entries when the author’s first and last names are reversed: Burdick, Anne, et al. Liu Chang et al.

How do you find references in an essay?

Here’s how to find essay sources guaranteed to impress your professor and get you that well-deserved A.

  1. Start With Wikipedia.
  2. Get the Most Out of the Library.
  3. Use Academic Search Engines.
  4. Don’t Forget About Primary Sources.
  5. Opt for Digital Libraries and Databases.
  6. Check the Bibliography of Your Sources.

Does et al need to be italicized?

Once an in-text citation has been mentioned one time, all subsequent citations to a work with three or more authors should consist of the surname of the first author followed by et al. 3. Many writers use et al. However, it should not be italicized when you are using it as part of a reference.

How do you use et al example?

“Et al.” is short for the Latin term “et alia,” meaning “and others.” It is used in academic citations when referring to a source with multiple authors: Hulme et al….Using et al. in MLA style.

Number of authors In-text citation example Works cited example
3+ authors (McDonnell et al.) McDonnell, Frederick, et al. …

How do I make a reference list?

What to Include on a Reference List

  1. Your name at the top of the page.
  2. List your references, including their name, job title, company, and contact information, with a space in between each reference.
  3. Include at least three professional references who can attest to your ability to perform the job you are applying for.

What is the meaning of et al in APA?

The term ‘‘et al.’’ is the abbreviated form of the Latin term ‘‘et alia,’’ which means ‘‘and others.’’. It is used in academic in-text citations when referring to a source with multiple authors. In APA style, for a source with three or more authors, list the first author’s last name and “et al.” for all citations, including the first citation.

How do you reference et al in a paper?

This is preferable, since it helps keep your references succinct. To use “ et al. ” in your references, state the name of the first listed author and follow it by “et al.” in italics in the author section of the citation. Example reference structure (journal):

Which references do not use “ et al”?

References that do not use “ et al. ”. 1 List author names in the order they are shown in the source and not alphabetically. 2 Each author name is formatted as last name, first-name initial. Example: Smith, J. 3 Separate each name with a comma until you get to the last two names. Add the word “and” instead of a comma between the last two names.

How do you cite an et al in a bibliography?

The use of “et al.” is the same in both styles. For sources with one, two, or three authors, list all author names in your in-text citations (whether footnotes or author-date). For sources with four or more authors, use the first name followed by “et al.” In your Chicago style reference list or bibliography, list up to 10 authors.