How do you hang pictures on a cement wall?

How do you hang pictures on a cement wall?


  1. Mark the spot where you want to hang your photo.
  2. Place the drill bit over the mark and drill into the wall. Make sure to drill in straight.
  3. Tap your anchor into the hole until flush with the wall.
  4. Secure the screw into the anchor with a little space left over.
  5. Hang your photo.

Can you use ook picture hangers in drywall?

At OOK® we work very hard so you can get your art on the wall quickly, safely, without hurting yourself or your walls! Please make sure to use the correct nail on your wall surface, OOK® has Blue Steel nails for plaster and drywall surfaces and Bendless nails for concrete and brick wall surfaces.

Can you nail into brick mortar?

You can also drill a hole in the mortar with a masonry bit. Use a bit just smaller than the width of the nails. If the nails are too loose for the holes, just mix then push a little mortar in the hole with your fingers and hammer the nails in. When the mortar dries, the loose nails will take hold.

How do you hang fairy lights on a brick wall?

Brick without using nails. What to use: If you don’t fancy drilling and hammering into the mortar on the front of your house, the easiest way to hang Christmas lights is to use a glue gun. Hot glue is weatherproof, quick to apply and easy to remove come January.

How do you hang something heavy on a concrete wall?

Shelving brackets and hooks that are constructed of strong steel mean little if the anchor which fastens them to the concrete wall is too weak to bear the weight. Installing strike anchors that expand inside the concrete is one of the best ways to secure heavy things on concrete walls.

How much weight do ook hooks hold?

50 lbs.
OOK® is the premium brand in picture hanging hardware. Hook holds up to 50 lbs. Pound ratings are not cumulative, one set of hangers will hold frames that weigh up to 50 lbs.

How do you remove ook hooks?

  1. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, grab the part that is sticking out of the wall and turn about a quarter turn.
  2. I use a pair of pliers to wiggle the hook loose & then it can be pulled back out.
  3. It’s really easy.

How much weight do OOK hooks hold?

How do you remove OOK hooks?

What are the best hangers for hanging pictures on brick walls?

“Hang framed artwork and photos along a brick wall with this two-count pack of OOK steel brass brick clip hangers. The 30-lb. weight capacity can accommodate large, heavy frames, while the brass finish complements your space. Get reliable performance and lasting durability from the sturdy steel material.

What are these ook steel brass brick clip hangers?

These OOK steel brass brick clip hangers clip on and off of mortar joints for simple no-drill installation and removal.” BEHR PREMIUM ADVANCED DECKOVER1 gal. #SC-330 Redwood Smooth Solid Color Exterior Wood and Concrete Coating BEHR PREMIUM1 gal. #ST-104 Cordovan Brown Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer BEHR PREMIUM1 gal.

What is the ook 32 piece ring hanger used for?

The OOK 32-Piece Ring Hanger and Frame Back Kit is designed to hang frames and projects that weigh less than 20 lb. The hangers are self leveling to help ensure that your artwork hangs straight. See Full Product Description

What is the weight capacity of Ook hard wall hangers?

The white plastic construction affords strength and durability, while a sturdy hook assembly sustains a weight capacity of 25 lbs. An uncomplicated design means these OOK plastic hard wall hangers easily install on a hard concrete or brick wall. See Full Product Description