How do you get rid of an infected ear piercing?

How do you get rid of an infected ear piercing?

Remove the piercing earring and clean the pierced part by use of a cotton swab that is dipped in saline solution.

  • Apply a hot compress that consist of hot water and Epsom salt especially to the piercing.
  • Clean the drainage that is coming out of the infection.
  • What do you do if an ear piercing gets infected?

    You’ll know your ear piercing is infected if it secretes thick, green, smelly pus, the site looks red, or it feels swollen and tender. Your earlobe may also feel warm to the touch. You can treat minor infections at home by keeping the infected area clean and using sea salt soaks to draw out irritants.

    How to heal an infected piercing?

    Know the symptoms of an infected piercing. Infections occur most frequently after home piercings or mistakes made during the piercing.

  • Don’t wait to start treatment. Infections can progress rapidly if not cared for,and most infections can be wiped out quickly if they are properly cleaned early and often.
  • Rinse your ear with saline solution. You can buy this simple antiseptic at most piercing parlors,but it is easy to make at home as well.
  • Apply an antibiotic to the pierced area. Use over-the-counter creams like polymyxin B sulfate (Polysporin) or bacitracin to fight off bacteria in your infection.
  • Apply a cold pack to help reduce swelling or bruising. An ice pack will lower swelling around your piercing,which can help fight off infection.
  • Visit or call your piercer. They will have advice for you based on the piercing and symptoms.
  • Go to the doctor for infections lasting more than 48 hours or fever. Your doctor will most likely prescribe something to treat the infection,usually an oral antibiotic.
  • How should I care for an infected piercing?

    Wash your hands before touching or cleaning your piercing.

  • Clean around the piercing with a saltwater rinse three times a day. Use sterile saline (you can find some online) or combine 1/4 tsp.
  • Don’t use alcohol,hydrogen peroxide,or antibiotic ointments.
  • Don’t remove the piercing.
  • Clean the piercing on both sides of your earlobe.