How do you get Karsh in Chrono Cross?

How do you get Karsh in Chrono Cross?

How to Recruit. After finishing the Dead Sea, go to the back room of the shop in Termina (Another World) and choose Karsh to help rescue Riddel. If Serge chooses Zoah, Karsh will join after Riddel is rescued.

Where is Dario Chrono Cross?

Forbidden Island
Dario is a boss fought in Chrono Cross….Location.

Location Forbidden Island
HP Innate
3500 Black
Attack Magic Attack
130 37

How do you recruit Glenn Chrono Cross?

Glenn is recruited in a not-so-obvious way. When given the choice to help Kid, choose not to help her. When Macha takes Serge into Termina for a brief amount of time, go to the entrance where you first met Glenn. You will see him have a conversation with the flower lady at the entrance once more.

Is Magus a guile?

During the planning stages of Chrono Cross, Guile was intended to be Magus in disguise, accompanying Serge to learn the true fate of his sister Schala. This would have paralleled his role in Radical Dreamers as the mysterious magician Gil.

How many playable characters are in Chrono Cross?

45 playable characters
Playable characters. The game contains a total of 45 playable characters. While some join automatically as the plot progresses, others only become playable depending on the actions of the player.

How do you recruit Mojo in Chrono Cross?

How to Join. Get the Shark Tooth by talking to the fisherman in his basement in Arni Village (Home World). After meeting Kid at Cape Howl, give it to his counterpart in Arni Village (Another World). Mojo will then join the party as they leave the room.

Is Glenn from Chrono Cross frog?

Glenn (グレン, Guren?) may refer to: Glenn (Chrono Trigger), the human form of Frog. Glenn (Chrono Cross) A playable character in Chrono Cross.

How much health does Magus have?


6666 15

Who is guile Chrono Cross?

Guile is a main-character in the J.R.P.G. Chrono Cross. Guile is a high-ranking member of the Magic Guild, on the Zenan main-land who has traveled to the El-Nido archipelago is search of mystery and adventure. He has some of the most powerful magic use in the game, though it can be challenging to use him at-first.

Is Serge a chrono?

Serge is the main character of Chrono Cross and is part of the party from the beginning of the game.

How do you recruit Skelly?

How to Recruit

  1. Angry Scapula – Find in waterfall cave in Shadow Forest.
  2. Good Backbone – Find in Hydra Marshes.
  3. Heavy Skull – Find in Fossil Valley.
  4. Mixed Bones – Find on Isle of the Damned.
  5. Pelvic Bone – Receive from trader at Guldove.
  6. Sturdy Ribs – Receive from the explorer on Water Dragon Isle.

What is Frog’s real name in Chrono Trigger?

Frog. Frog is an anthropomorphic frog knight from the Middle Ages era. He is called Kaeru (カエル, literally “Frog”) in Japanese materials. He was born as a human by the name Glenn and a friend of the late brave knight Cyrus.