How do you fight Biran and Yenke?

How do you fight Biran and Yenke?

Strategy. Physical attacks are more effective when Biran and Yenke are separated. Lancet or Hi-Potions can be used to heal. The player should use Aqua Breath when Biran and Yenke are together and Fire Breath when they are separate.

Are Biran and Yenke dead?

Unfortunately, nearly all the Ronso, including Yenke and Biran, are killed by Seymour Guado, as though they were nothing but a bump in his path.

What can you steal from Biran and Yenke?


Steal Lv.3 Key Sphere
Drop Return Sphere, Friend Sphere, Weapons (Piercing), Armor (MP +20%)

What overdrives can Kimahri learn from Biran and Yenke?

Q: Which Ronso Rage abilities can Kimari learn off of Biran and Yenkey when you fight them? A: Aqua Breath, Fire Breath, Thrust Kick, Mighty Guard, White Wind, Doom, Stone Breath and Self-Destruct.

How much health does Biran have?

Biran Ronso Basic Information

Name Biran Ronso
HP(Overkill) 864-2242 MP
AP(Overkill) 4500(6750) Gil
Drop (7/8) Return Sphere 1 (2) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Lv. 3 Key Sphere 1 Steal (1/4)

How do I learn Mighty Guard FFX?

Mighty Guard increases the Defense and Magic Defense of one party member for the battle, and is learned by the Blue Mage from the Icedrake enemy, which requires a Beastmaster to learn. It costs 8 MP to use and can only be used on the caster or an adjacent unit.

How does luck work in FFX?

Final Fantasy X. Luck affects evasion, accuracy, the character’s chance of critically hitting, and the enemy’s chance of critically hitting. It can only be upgraded via the use of a Fortune Sphere to activate a Luck node on the Sphere Grid.

How do I beat Ronso FFX?

Strategy. Both Ronso’s will deal small damage so focus on using Lancet until you learnt all the abilities you missed from the game. Both enemies will be in Guard status so wait for them to use Bulldoze then hit the character you want to damage. They will use their rarest ability when their HP falls below 50%.

How do I learn blue bullets?

Blue Bullet skills are learned while you’re a Gun Mage and are hit by specific attacks from enemies. (You must be a Gun Mage, and you must be attacked by the enemy.) So long as you’re hit, you’ll learn the skill, even if it kills you. That means you can then use the skill via the Blue Bullet command!

Who is Bir Biran Ronso in FFX?

Biran Ronso is a boss in Final Fantasy X. He fights alongside Yenke against Kimahri. The duo’s stats depend on Kimahri’s and they use various Ronso Rage abilities, allowing the player to copy them with Lancet after witnessing the duo use them first.

What is Biran and yenke’s speed?

Biran and Yenke’s speed will be determined by Kimahri’s speed. Biran’s speed will be equal to Kimahri’s speed – 4 and – 8 for Yenke. This battle is an opportunity to learn almost all the Ronso abilities Kimahri can learn in the game.

What happens if you kill both Biran and yenke?

Killing one of them while ignoring the other will put them in a state where they will not use their rarest ability. These abilities are Mighty Guard and White wind. Mighty Guard can be earned from Biran and White wind from Yenke. Both Biran and Yenke will be in sentinel status when they are near together.

Does separate separate Biran from yenke?

Separates Biran from Yenke if they are together, regrouping them otherwise. Casts Protect, Shell, NulFire, NulFrost, NulShock, and NulTide on both bosses.