How do I stop YouTube from recommending mixes?

How do I stop YouTube from recommending mixes?

Only way I found that works so far, click on the 3 dots under each individual mixes and select ”Not interested”. Open the playlist and on the list on the right with the videos, there is a button with the “remove from library” option.

What happened YouTube mixes?

YouTube Music’s flagship ‘Your Mix’ playlist is now called ‘My Supermix’ For the past several weeks, Google’s primary streaming service has been A/B testing a number of changes to its personalized playlists. YouTube Music is now going ahead with another that renames “Your Mix” to “My Supermix.”

What is my supermix on YouTube?

With the launch, YouTube is also rebranding its personalized playlist previously called “Your Mix.” To better clarify its purpose and eliminate possible confusion with the new “My Mix” playlists, this playlist will now be called “My Supermix,” and will combine all of a user’s music tastes into one playlist, like …

Where do YouTube mixes come from?

Mixes are created automatically and randomly, and calling the same playlist by a bookmark or a link never leads to the same result again—see Is there a way to save the YouTube MIX playlist in my playlists? Google doesn’t disclose the selection algorithm used. Despite what some say,the YouTube Mix feature is not gone.

Why is YouTube recommending videos I’ve already watched?

Originally Answered: Why is YouTube recommending videos I already watched? YouTube announced publicly that they will show you a video that you already watched because it is likely that you will watch it again. Think about it. They can offer you that video and they know that you like it, guaranteed.

How do you get YouTube to recommend your video 2021?

  1. #1 Make “Engaging” Video Content.
  2. #2 Encourage “Engagement Actions”
  3. #3 Optimize YouTube Video Titles.
  4. # 4 Optimize YouTube Video Meta Data.
  5. #5 Interlink Videos via Annotations, Playlists.
  6. #6 Upload Compelling Custom Thumbnails.
  7. #7 Start YouTube Sessions.
  8. Potential Road Bumps.

How do I download a YouTube mix?

How to Download YouTube Playlist

  1. Copy the link to the playlist from the address bar.
  2. Click Paste Link in 4K Video Downloader.
  3. Click Download playlist to download it in full.
  4. Select the format and quality.
  5. Click the Download button.

Can you share my mix on YouTube?

Open the playlist you’d like to share. Click Menu next to the playlist. Click Share. From here you can share the playlist across social networks, embed the playlist, or email the playlist.

How do I find my mix playlist on YouTube?

YouTube Music’s Replay Mix playlist is available on the front page of the YouTube Music apps and website within the Mixed for you category. This is the same category that contains the My Supermix, Your likes, Discover Mix, and the New Release Mix playlists.

How do I find my mix?

To check out your personalized mixes, download the YouTube Music app for iOS or Android or visit the webplayer to dive in. These new mixes are just the beginning of an even more personalized YouTube Music, so stay tuned for more music mixed just for you!

Can you share YouTube mix?

You can share playlists from the YouTube Music app using a computer or mobile device. When you share a playlist, a link is created that you can give to somebody else. You can share it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Why does YouTube randomly recommend old videos?

When you start watching similar type of videos and based on your current watching, youtube starts shows your videos which you are enjoying watching again and again. And the theme you are watching is also been watching by others recently, that why YouTube recommends those videos which are years old.

How do you make a YouTube video mix?

Handy YouTube Video Mixer – How to Mix YouTube Videos with Ease Import Videos into Mixer’s Conversion Window As soon as the download task finished, close the YouTube Downloader dialog, and subsequently press Converter. Cut Videos and Adapt Video Sort Click the video Merge button on the top bar of the conversion window. Start Mixing Videos

What is YouTube mix?

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature designed to help users better discover videos and channels on its site. Called “YouTube Mix”, it’s an auto-generated playlist that will display suggested videos based on what you’re reading.

How to mix videos?

Import Videos into Mixer’s Conversion Window As soon as the download task finished,close the YouTube Downloader dialog,and subsequently press Converter.

  • Cut Videos and Adapt Video Sort Click the video Merge button on the top bar of the conversion window.
  • Start Mixing Videos
  • How do I Find my Playlist on YouTube?

    How to Find My Playlist on YouTube. Step 1: Go to and log on using your account username and password. Step 2: On the upper-left side of your screen, under Library, you can see the list of playlists that you created. Step 3: Click the playlist that you want to view.