How do I stop my cat being aggressive to people?

How do I stop my cat being aggressive to people?


  1. Avoid potential triggering situations.
  2. Systematically desensitise the cat by gradual exposure to the fearful stimulus.
  3. Give the cat a food treat while it is calm during the trigger situation.
  4. Teach the cat to perform an alternative behaviour in situations in which fear was shown.

Why does my cat bite visitors?

The two big reasons for cats to be hostile toward visitors: fear and territorial aggression. Frightened cats may have had a negative experience that was associated with strangers. They’ll do whatever they can to avoid confrontation. If hissing, growling, and retreating fail, they lash out.

Why do cats attack a certain person?

Territorial aggression — Cats are territorial and may guard and defend something perceived as belonging to them. Resource aggression — This is most common between cats, or between a cat and a dog, but it can also occur between cats and people. A resource may be a food dish, scratching post, toy, or even a person.

Why is my cat aggressive towards one person?

You are certainly not alone in your struggle with a cat that is afraid of or aggressive toward one person, and this behavior is often a reaction to stress. Your cat may have been frightened by your guest or your guest may play too roughly with him, for example, causing stress and the aggressive behavior.

How do you punish a cat for attacking me?

At the very least they tend to make the cat wary of your approach. Instead, whenever the cat begins to swat or play attack, immediately stop the play by walking away or by using some non-physical form of punishment such as a water sprayer, can of compressed air, cap gun, hand held alarm or perhaps a loud hiss.

Why is my cat so mean to everyone but me?

So, why is my cat so mean to everyone but me? The most likely reason is they are territorial of their home, but they might also be mean to your guests because they don’t like change, or it’s simply because they are predatory creatures who exhibit natural forms of aggression.

Why does my cat hiss and growl at strangers?

Stranger-directed aggression is typically fear-driven, territorial, petting-induced and/or play-related. If the cat is really fearful, aggression may be redirected to either the owner or other pets in the home. But, improvement is very likely, even with minimal work, Christensen says. Enrich their space!

Why does my cat randomly hiss at people?

Contrary to popular belief, hissing is a normal way that cats express fear, not aggression or hatred. And as Alana Stevenson, a certified animal behaviorist based in Boston, confirms: “Hissing is a normal behavior in cats. They will hiss when they feel threatened, fearful, or are upset about something.”

Why does my cat keep attacking my daughter?

Either way, the cat is driven to use its claws and possibly its teeth to complete the attack. In kittens, most aggression is caused by fear or curiosity. A kitten that’s protecting its “territory” from a perceived threat or interloper (such as a small child or another animal) also may become aggressive.

Why does my cat attack my friends?

Fearful/Defensive Aggression This occurs when a cat is attempting to protect himself from an attack he believes he cannot escape. This can occur in response to punishment or the threat of punishment from a person, an attack or attempted attack from another cat, or anytime he feels threatened or afraid.

Why does my cat keep attacking my mom?

He could be reacting out of fear towards your mother or he could be territorial, but the fact is your mother is getting injured. You have done a good job offering him another spot to hang out such as the cat tree.

Is it bad to hiss back at your cat?

You should not hiss at your cat as it will scare the little pet and will eventually scared of coming in front of you. Movement, eye contact, tail and head bumps, and hissing are all ways cats communicate. When you mimic your cat’s language, they’ll notice when they’re doing anything wrong sooner.