How do I start hldj?

How do I start hldj?

To start HLDJ, run “hldj.exe”. (Create a shortcut to it for easy access) When running HLDJ for the first time, you will be prompted to run Setup. Answer ” Yes ” to the two following dialog boxes that appear and you will be taken to the Setup window with the Add All Games dialog displayed.

How do I minimize a game in hldj?

1 Launch game application – HLDJ will start the appropriate game application for you 2 Minimize to tray – HLDJ will minimize to a tray icon 3 Minimize on game start – HLDJ will minimize on starting a game

How do I search for games on hldj?

Select a key from the drop down list. Once everything is filled out to your satisfaction, hit the ( Ok) button. HLDJ will start searching for your games. Depending on whether a game directory was specified, this may take a few seconds or a few minutes; please remain patient until the search is complete.