How do I select all pictures in Word 2010?

How do I select all pictures in Word 2010?

Click on the first picture to select it. Press the CTRL button on your keyboard and hold it. Click on the rest of the pictures. Word will allow selecting multiple pictures.

How do I select all my photos at once on IPAD?

How to Select Multiple Photos in iOS

  1. Pictures in the iOS Photos app are automatically sorted into collections by year, date, and location.
  2. Tap the Select button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Drag your finger across the photos you want to select.
  4. Drag down to select an entire row of photos.

How do you select all images in a Word document at once?

How to select multiple shapes or objects in word?

  1. Select multiple shapes or objects with Select feature.
  2. Click Select > Select Objects under Home tab.
  3. Note: press the Esc key can release the selection.
  4. Click Select > Selection Pane under Home tab.

How do you select all objects in Word 2010?

To select one object, click or tap the object. To select multiple shapes in a group, press and hold Shift or Ctrl while you click or tap the shapes.

How do you edit all pictures in Word?

To size all images to the same height and width:

  1. Right click first image, open ‘Size and Position’ box (or open box from the Picture -> Format -> Size box.
  2. Disable ‘Lock Aspect Ratio’
  3. Change height and width to desired size.
  4. Close box.
  5. Click on next image and hit F4.

How do I standardize the size of a picture in Word?

Click the picture, shape, or WordArt you want to precisely resize. Click the Picture Format or Shape Format tab, and then make sure the Lock aspect ratio check box is cleared. Do one of the following: To resize a picture, on the Picture Format tab, enter the measurements you want in the Height and Width boxes.

How do you select multiple photos?

Long press on the first image until the blue checkmark appears, then without lifting off the screen, slide your finger across any additional photos you want to select. If you want to select more than what’s shown on the screen, slide your finger up or down and hold it to auto-scroll and select as you go.

How do you change the size of multiple pictures at once in Word?

How do I change the format of multiple pictures at once?

To Convert Multiple Images to Another File Format:

  1. In Manage mode, select one or more images.
  2. Click the Batch button and select Change Format.
  3. From the Format pop-up menu, select a file format.
  4. Select the quality or compression of the file.

How do you select all items in Word?

Select all text

  1. Click anywhere within the document.
  2. Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all text in the document.

How do you select all instances in Word?

Use Word’s Find feature to highlight all occurrences of a word or…

  1. Choose Find from the Edit menu or press [Ctrl]+F.
  2. On the Find tab, enter the word or phrase into the Find What control.
  3. Check the Highlight All Items Found In option (shown below).
  4. Click Find All and click Close.

How do I select all the images in a photo?

To select them, select the first one, then hold down the shift key as you select each of the remainder in turn. Note also that the code in Rex’s link won’t work as is – the ‘AspectHt’ sub it references is missing. In the situation, macro is needed for resizing all the images.

How do I extract an image file from a Word document?

To extract all image files from a Microsoft Word file by saving the file as a web page: Click the File tab in the Ribbon and select Save As. From the Save As Type drop-down menu, select Web Page. Enter a new name for the file.

How do I select multiple parts of a document in word?

To select all of the text in the document, choose Select All. To select objects that are hidden, stacked, or behind text, choose Select Objects. To select an object, click or tap when your pointer becomes a selection arrow as it moves over an object. To select multiple objects, press and hold Ctrl while you click or tap the objects that you want.

How do I select objects and shapes in a Word document?

Select objects, shapes, pictures or text boxes, to change or move them. Sizing handles indicate that a shape or object has been selected. Click or tap the object to select it. If that doesn’t select it, go to Home > Select and do one of the following: To select all of the text in the document, choose Select All.