How do I identify my S10 rear end?

How do I identify my S10 rear end?

Look under the rear of the vehicle. The rear end is centrally located between the rear wheels. On the back of the unit, count the number of bolts holding the inspection plate cover to the rear end housing.

How do I identify my GM rear axle?

The rear cover’s shape and the number of bolts are identifying features for GM rear differentials. The round 10-bolt cover with a bulge for the ring gear identifies this axle assembly as an 8.5-inch 10-bolt. The two lugs on the lower case at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions are also identifying features.

How do I identify my Chevy rear end?

All Chevrolet rear ends can be identified by comparing the gasket shape to an identification chart similar to the one found on Drivetrain’s differential identification page (see References). A visual chart of different GM/Chevrolet rear ends is found on Ring & Pinion’s differential types web page (see References).

How do you tell if you have a 10-bolt or 12 bolt rear end?

Just like a 10-bolt rearend, there should be stamped numbers on the axle tube – on the passenger’s side. The numbers should let you know what gear-ratio came from the factory, the date of production, where the unit was assembled, and whether the carrier is Positraction or not (see charts).

What is 10-bolt rear end?

The 8.5-inch 10-bolt rearends have ten 3/4-inch hex head bolts with 7/16-20-inch left-hand thread bolts that hold the ring gear to the carrier. The pinion shaft diameter is 1.625 inches and will have either 28 or 30 splines.

How do I know what rear axle I have?

To figure out exactly what axle you have, you can look for the Dana stamped bill of materials number. This stamped number can usually be found on the righthand side or on the longer axletube on the same side of the tube as the differential cover, facing the rear of the truck.

What rear end do I have by Vin?

Identify the VDS section, the fourth through eighth digits of the VIN. This section typically includes information such as the vehicle model, engine size and body type. While not every vehicle manufacturer includes gearbox ratio information in the VDS, this will be where the information is found if it was included.

How do I identify a Chevy 12 bolt rear end?

12-bolt axles can be identified by casting numbers on the bottom of the cast-iron center-section and on the front of the passenger side axle tube. This identifies the car make and model, gear ratio, date of casting and assembly and factory of origin.

How do I identify my 8.5 GM rear end?

Another way to tell the difference between an 8.2 and an 8.5 rearend is to pull the cover and look at the bolt holding the spider gear crosspin. If it takes a 1/2-inch wrench to remove it, it’s an 8.2. If it takes a 5/16-inch wrench to remove it, it’s an 8.5.

How do you tell if you have a 10 bolt or 12 bolt rear end?

What kind of rear differential does a Chevy S10 have?

Chevrolet S10 models generally use the GM 7.5-inch rear differential, however, certain models were equipped with the GM 8.5-inch differential. Both differentials were available as limited slip, positraction differentials. Step 1 Raise one rear wheel of the S10 using a jack, jack stands and blocks to prevent the S10 from lurching forward.

How do you raise the rear wheel on a Chevy S10?

Raise one rear wheel of the S10 using a jack, jack stands and blocks to prevent the S10 from lurching forward. The wheel only needs to be raised enough to get it off the ground. Once the wheel is raised, shift the transmission into neutral. Turn the wheel by hand. A positraction rear end is difficult or impossible to turn.

What size is a 10 bolt rear end on a Chevy?

Although the 7.5-inch 10-bolt closely resembles the 8.5-inch housing, you can positively identify the Chevy 7.5-inch rearend by measuring it. The oval-shaped cover measures 8 5/16 inches by 10 9/16 inches.

Where is the casting number on a 10 bolt rear differential?

The casting numbers for 10-bolt rear differentials are typically located either on the forward side of the passenger-side axle tube or on the driver’s side. These numbers are approximately 3 inches from the center section. The two examples at right show you how to decode 10-bolt housings. 1970 axle code: COZ 01 01 G E