How do I get the old iMovie on my Mac?

How do I get the old iMovie on my Mac?

Tips: Download iMovie Previous Versions from App Store Log into the App Store with your Apple ID and purchase iMovie there. Now back to your old Mac to check your purchase history, and you can download the older version of iMovie for your old Mac.

What is the most current version of iMovie?

Apple has released a series of updates to its consumer and professional video apps for the Mac. Each update comes in at around 2.3GB and are available via the App Store now. The most visual change is iMovie, which has now been updated to version 10.2.

How do I get iMovie 9 on my Mac?

Step-by-step Tutorial to Download and Install iMovie 9 for macOS

  1. Step 1: Download iMovie 9.0. 9 update package from
  2. Step 2: Move the iMovie 9.0. 9 update package and expand it.
  3. Step 3: Download iMovie 9.0. 9 update package from
  4. Step 4: Move iMovie 9.0. 9 to your Mac’s Applications folder.

Where can I find iMovie 9?

Carver Resource Center
iMovie 09 is a basic video editing application that is included on all of the Apple computers located in the Carver Resource Center.

How do I get my old iMovie back?

When you get to the backups folder you will see a list of backups of your Libraries. Click on one that is dated just before you deleted your project. iMovie will open and your project should be found in the projects browser library as usual.

How do I get iMovie on my Mac 10.13 6?

Your MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.13. 6 will run the current version of iMovie. You can download it from the App Store….Here’s how:

  1. Select App Store… from the Apple menu in the top left of the menu bar on your MacBook Pro.
  2. Enter iMovie into the search box.
  3. Click Get for iMovie.

What is the latest version of iMovie for Macbook Pro?


iMovie 10.1.12 running on macOS Mojave
Stable release 10.2.4 / June 17, 2021
Operating system macOS 10.15.6 or later
Type Video editing software
License Proprietary

Is iMovie good for YouTube?

Is iMovie good for making YouTube videos? If you’re a Mac user, and you have access to iMovie, this video editing platform is an amazing option for beginners to video editing. So yes, iMovie is good for making YouTube videos!

Does High Sierra have iMovie?

Your MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.13. 6 will run the current version of iMovie. You can download it from the App Store.

How do I get iMovie for High Sierra?

Sign in to the app store and open your purchases folder by clicking on your name at the bottom of the app store side bar. You will see your purchases displayed, including iMovie 10. Redownload/update iMovie from there.

Does macOS Catalina have iMovie?

In Catalina, however, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and QuickTime Play can’t convert the old formats. If you’ve already upgraded to Catalina, you can lean on two free, open-source video players that keep up to date with formats and macOS: IINA and VLC. They can play nearly every old format, and VLC can convert and save files.

Is iMovie free?

IMovie 10 is Apple’s free video-editing software that comes bundled exclusively with every new Mac. IMovie provides tools such as animations, transitions, effects and video stabilization. Use these in combination with your own photos, videos and music to create a captivating home movie or trailer.

What are the system requirements for iMovie?

iMovie 2 system requirements include a Macintosh® computer containing a 300 MHz PowerPC G3 processor or later, a built-in FireWire ® port, CD or DVD drive, 64MB or more of memory, 200MB of available hard disk space, Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, QuickTime ™ 4.1 or later, and a monitor that supports at least 800 x 600 resolutions and thousands of colors.

Does iMovie work on Windows?

iMovie is undoubtedly the most popular video editing software on Mac. One hand, it’s easy to use even for novices with the intuitive interface and the user-friendly menu. iMovie users can easily find what they want and then realize what they need. But iMovie doesn’t work in Windows.

What is the Windows equivalent of iMovie?

There is an ideal Windows equivalent of iMovie. Its name is Wondershare Filmora. In terms of editing and applying effects, it’s very similar to iMovie. If you try it, you’ll really like the ease of use. Now, let’s see how Filmora, the PC equivalent to iMovie, works in Windows XP/Vista/7/8.