How do I get page access tokens?

How do I get page access tokens?

To get a Page access token, send a GET request to the /PAGE-ID endpoint using your User access token. Replace PAGE-ID and USER-ACCESS-TOKEN with your information. If you used a short-lived User access token, the Page access token is valid for 1 hour.

What is a page access token?

Page access tokens are used in Graph API calls to manage Facebook Pages. To generate a page access token, an admin of the page must grant your app the Page permission or permissions needed. Once granted, you can retrieve the Page access token using a user access token with the required permissions.

How do I get a long term access token on Facebook?

How To Get Facebook Long-Lived User Access Token?

  1. Create Facebook App ID.
  2. Get a short-lived user access token.
  3. Go to this link.
  4. Paste the “short-lived access token” in the input box.
  5. Click the “Debug” button.
  6. As you will see in the debug details, “short-lived access token” expires after few hours.

How can I get Facebook Page ID and access token?

Obtain User Access Token

  1. Go to Graph API Explorer.
  2. In Facebook App, select an app used to obtain the access token.
  3. In User or Page, select User Token.
  4. Under Permissions, check ads_read .
  5. Click Generate Access Token. The box on top of the button is populated with the access token.
  6. Store that token for later use.

How do I get the secret app on Facebook?

Go to Settings -> Basic -> App Secret (type your password and you’re ready to go).

How do I get long live tokens?

These tokens are refreshed once per day, when the person using your app makes a request to Facebook’s servers. If no requests are made, the token will expire after about 60 days and the person will have to go through the login flow again to get a new token.

How do I grant access to my Facebook business page?

Request access to a page from your Business Manager

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Below Accounts, click Pages.
  3. Click the blue Add dropdown button.
  4. Select Request Access to a Page.
  5. Enter the Facebook Page name or URL.
  6. Use the toggles to choose which permissions you need.
  7. Click Request Access.

What is Facebook app secret key?

When you make a Facebook App, that app will have an App ID and an App Secret. With the App ID, you can send several requests to Facebook for data. The Facebook App Secret will be used to decode the encrypted messages from Facebook, so that sensitive information remains protected.

What is my facebook secret key?

Click the Settings link on the left to proceed to your App ID and Secret Key. Your Secret Key will be hidden from view until you click the Show button. Your Secret Key is hidden from view until you click the Show button.

How do I get Discord token grabber?

How to use

  1. Create a webhook on your Discord server. I recommend creating a new server.
  2. Change the ‘WEBHOOK_URL’ variable value to your Discord webhook URL in
  3. (obfuscate the code or install it as a backdoor in an other script.)
  4. Send the script to your victim and make them run it.

How do I get a Facebook page access token?

Click the “User or Page” drop-down. Click “Get Page Access Token”. On the pop up, click “Continue as…” button. Click “OK” button. Click “User or Page” drop-down again. Under the “Page Access Token” section, click the Facebook page you want to use. Copy the generated page access token on the “Access Token” field.

What are the different types of user and page access tokens?

1 Short-lived User access tokens are valid for one hour. 2 Long-lived User access tokens are valid for 60 days. 3 Short-lived Page access tokens are valid for one hour. 4 Long-lived Page access tokens are have no expiration date.

How long is the page access token valid for?

If you used a short-lived User access token, the Page access token is valid for 1 hour. If you used a long-lived User access token, the Page access token has no expiration date.

How do I invalidate an access token?

An access token is invalidated if the user ends their session with the app, if the user who requested the token no longer has a role on the app or Page, or when a security issue has been detected. To invalidate a Page or User access token, the person that created the token will need to remove and then re-add the App.