How do I get gold notifications?

How do I get gold notifications?

Gold Price Alerts Download the OneGold mobile app, quickly register, and then proceed to the settings area. Within the Settings area, click on “Notifications” and then on “Custom Price Alert”.

How can I get gold by SMS?

Gold Jewellery buyers can now instantly receive the latest 22Kt gold rate for Hallmarked jewellery by sending a message to SMS GOLD RATE to 575758. This is The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation’s (GJF) initiative to bring transparency in the quality of jewellery sold and bought in the country.

How can I get gold price in Mobile?

Step 1: Download the BankBazaar application on your Android or iOS device. Step 2: On the top left side of the main page, click on ‘investments’. Step 3: Select the option of Gold rate’. Step 4: Once done, you can check the rate of gold in every city in India.

How do I set up a price alert?

  1. Open the browser on your phone and go to Google.
  2. Search for what you want to buy.
  3. Tap the shopping tab.
  4. Google will return search results inside Google Shopping for items that match what you want.
  5. Pick a result.
  6. Scroll down the page and look for the “track price” toggle.
  7. Turn price toggle on by tapping the button.

What is deal alert?

Deal Alerts: Shopping Made Easy Deal alerts pop up every single day. When the price changes and there’s a deal, Visualping sends you a free deal alert, via email.

How do I set a price alert in chrome?

Enter the following in the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout and open the drop-down menu of the highlighted setting. From this menu, simply tap on “Enabled Price notifications” to turn on price tracking.

How do you calculate 22ct gold price?

Now, if you wish to purchase a gold chain of 9.6 grams, then price will be calculated as:

  1. Price of 1 gram of gold = Rs 27,350 divided by 10 = Rs.
  2. Price of 9.60 grams’ gold chain = Rs 2,735 times 9.60 grams = Rs 26,256.
  3. Add making charges, suppose 10 per cent, which comes to Rs 2,625.60 (10% of Rs 26,256)