How do I get a pat test certificate?

How do I get a pat test certificate?

To get your certificate simply sit the online examination and on successful completion you will be awarded the certificate. The certificate will open on your screen and you can print it from your own computer.

How long does a portable appliance certificate last?

Outcome Of Portable Appliance Testing It’s recommended to perform a PAT test after every 48 months and every 24 months for portable equipment and extension leads.

What is PAT test certificate?

A PAT testing certificate should be provided as a record of testing by the person(s) carrying out the tests. It forms a legal document that verifies all reasonable steps have been carried out to check for the electrical safety of all equipment, and can also detail the actual results for all tests carried out.

Who can issue a pat certificate?

A PAT test can be performed by anyone with a PAT testing machine. However, it is usually advised that the work is carried out by a qualified electrical engineer.

How long does it take to get a pat certificate?

We say on average it takes one to two minutes to do a PAT test; around 20 to 30 items in an hour is a good working rate. Good enough to do a good job, spot any faults and repair them. So based on that, it’ll take about 3.5 hours to do 100 items; although in some environments we could do a lot more.

Can I do a PAT test myself?

In theory, yes, you can PAT test without a qualification. Guidance says you have to be ‘competent’ to test electrical equipment, not that you have to be qualified. The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association say that you should undergo thorough training by a competent person in order to become competent yourself.

Does a fridge need PAT testing?

For landlords, it’s good practice to have all your appliances PAT tested before a new tenant moves in. After this, smaller appliances should be tested every two years and larger items like fridges and washing machines should be tested in four-year intervals.

Can I PAT testing without qualification?

What qualifications do I need for PAT testing? No specific qualifications are required, the regulations require that the testing to be done by a competent person.

Can I PAT test myself?

What is a portable appliance test certificate?

PAT test certificate stands for portable appliances testing and is conducted to ensure the safety of the portable electric appliances at home or office, to avoid accidents due to electric appliances. An appliance is called portable when they have a wire and can be connected with a socket.

Can I do my own PAT testing?

Yes, your business can carry out its own PAT tests, as long as the person doing the testing is a ‘competent’ person. If you decide to do your own PAT testing we would strongly recommend taking a PAT testing course as it’s important to perform the PAT tests correctly.

How long does my PAT testing certificate last?

While there is no official expiry date on a PAT test certificate, it is recommended that you should re-test Class 1 electrical equipment every 48 months and Class 2 electrical appliances every 24 months.

What is a portable appliances (PAT) Testing Certificate?

PAT testing certificates are provided to business owners after portable appliances have been successfully tested. The certificates show that the company is in compliance with regulations by having their portable equipment regularly inspected for damage and/or risks.

What is portable appliance testing?

Portable appliance testing involves performing a series of tests that, taken together, are designed to identify any faults or product defects that would otherwise not be detected. In addition to protecting personnel, regular safety checks of electrical equipment tend to increase the operational life of that equipment.

Is there a template for PAT testing certificates?

There’s also a PAT Testing Certificate Template – which is useful if you want to give your customer a single page to certify that they’ve had their equipment PAT Tested. If you’re lucky, your customer will display this in reception, next to the Fire Alarm certificate and their insurance certificates – that way you get some free advertising!

What is the purpose of a portable equipment safety certificate?

The certificates show that the company is in compliance with regulations by having their portable equipment regularly inspected for damage and/or risks. The certificate serves as proof that the person responsible for maintaining equipment has taken steps necessary to ensure safety.