How do I delete all my trash emails at once on iPhone?

How do I delete all my trash emails at once on iPhone?

What to Know

  1. Go to the Mailboxes menu and select Trash > Edit. Tap the emails you want to permanently remove, then choose Delete.
  2. Alternatively, select Edit > Select All > Delete to remove all the emails at once.

How can I trash all my emails at once?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the Email app.
  2. Navigate to the folder that contains the messages you wish to delete.
  3. Tap and hold any message in your Inbox to highlight it.
  4. Tap the small circle labeled “All” to highlight all messages.
  5. Tap the Delete button to delete all selected messages.

How do I delete over 1000 emails on iPhone?


  1. Open the iOS Mail on the iPhone or iPad and go to the Inbox folder.
  2. Tap on the Edit Button on the top right and select the first email in your list.
  3. Then hold down the Move button.
  4. While you are still holding the Move Button, deselect the first email.
  5. Remove your fingers from the screen and wait a few seconds.

Where is trash all on iPhone?

Try going to the main email screen, if it says Inbox at the top select Back until you see Mailboxes at the top. The first boxes you see will be your inboxes. Go below VIP and click your email address or iCloud. From there you should see all your folders including Junk and Trash.

How do I delete all trash?

Simply visit any option to explore the storage. Here, you can view all the deleted content on your Android trash. Make the needed selections and tap on the trash button to clear junk files.

How do I clean up thousands of emails?

Here’s how you can delete thousands of clutter emails in bulk and free up space….Here’s how to do it:

  1. Step 1: Identify email you can delete.
  2. Step 2: Seek.
  3. Step 3: Seek older emails.
  4. Step 4: Destroy.
  5. Step 5: Unsubscribe.
  6. Step 6: Set up filters.

How do I delete all emails on iPhone iOS 14?

Way 1: Delete by Folder Tap on Select All and then tap Trash for you to trash all your email on your iOS 14 iPhone and iPad.

How do I delete 5000 emails from my iPhone?

  1. Go to your Inbox folder.
  2. Tap on the “Edit”-Button on the top right.
  3. Select the first email in your list.
  4. Hold down the “Move” button.
  5. While you are still holding the “Move”-Button, deselect the first E-Mail.
  6. Put away all your fingers from the screen and wait a few seconds.
  7. Now Mail asks you where to move ALL of your emails.

How do I delete 3000 emails?

  1. Click the select-all check-box (to the left of the Refresh button) to select everything on the current page.
  2. Click the link that appears to “select all XXX conversations in ” to select everything in the current label.
  3. Click the Delete button.

Where is the trash folder in Apple Mail?

In the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Accounts. Select an account, click Mailbox Behaviors, then check the setting for the Trash Mailbox option. If a mailbox is specified: You can view deleted messages in the Trash mailbox until they’re permanently erased.

How do I delete 20000 emails?

To delete all of your messages from your inbox, go to the settings tab, and then go down to “Number of messages per page” and set it to “No limit”. Hit “Save” at the top and then hit OK when it asks you to refresh your browser. Then in your inbox, check the box that is to the left of “Sender” and hit delete.

How do I delete over 10000 emails?

Watch video above.

  1. Filter Emails. To get started, log into your Gmail inbox as you’d always do.
  2. Select all messages. Next, check a little box under the the search bar to select all displayed messages.
  3. Select all Conversations.
  4. Delete all Messages.
  5. Empty Trash.

How to Empty Trash on iPhone?

First , select the “Mail” app from the main menu on your iPhone.

  • Now, select the mail account you want to get rid of trash.
  • Now, tap on the “Trash” icon. Tap on “Edit” and then tap on the “Delete All” option to delete all the emails.
  • How do you move email to trash?

    To move the email from Trash back into Inbox: Go to Email. Go to Trash folder. Tap the box to check the email(s) you want to move. Tap the Folder icon. On the Move to menu, select Inbox. Your email(s) will be back to Inbox.

    How to filter your email on the iPhone?

    1) Tap in the bottom-left corner of a mailbox list. 2) Tap “Filtered by.” 3) Select or turn on the criteria for emails you want to view. 4) Tap in the bottom-left corner to hide emails that don’t match the current filters. Tap again to turn the filter off. See More…

    How to delete instead of archive your emails on iPhone?

    Open Settings on your iPhone and select Passwords&Accounts .

  • Next,select the email account for which you want to change the archive to delete. After that,tap on Account at the top.
  • Under Account Settings,select Advanced .
  • In Move Discarded Messages Into section select Deleted Mailbox instead of Archive Mailbox .
  • To save the changes,tap on Account at the top left to go back and select Done at the top right corner in Account screen. This will do the