How do I contact Ameren UE?

How do I contact Ameren UE?

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  1. Residential.
  2. Commercial. Phone: 877.426.3736.
  3. Website Support. Phone: 877.263.7361.
  4. Construction & Engineering. Phone: 866.992.6619.
  5. Other Services. Call before you dig! Phone: 811. Speech & Hearing Impaired Phone: 711 or 800.735.2966. Visually Impaired Phone: 800.552.7583.

Who is the electric company for Excelsior Springs Missouri?

Ameren Missouri Official Website – Ameren Missouri.

What is the phone number for Ameren Illinois?

By Phone. Call us at 888.777. 3108 to make a payment.

How do I email Ameren?

Email Us. Email media inquiries to [email protected] We will respond to inquiries received after-hours or on weekends/holidays on the following business day.

Why is my Ameren bill negative?

A negative balance indicates that your bill was overpaid and that you may be eligible for a refund.

How do I transfer my Ameren service to another person?

You will need the following information to request a transfer:

  1. Your name (as it appears on the bill), account number from your bill or Social Security Number.
  2. The effective date you would like service to be turned off at your current residence.
  3. Service address where power is to be turned on.
  4. Home phone.

How do I find out what electricity company I am with?

Who is your electricity supplier?

  1. Find your electricity bill. You can find your electricity provider by looking at a recent electricity bill.
  2. If you’re renting, ask your landlord.
  3. Search your state’s website.
  4. Ask the previous owners or your real estate agent.
  5. Visit your local city hall.

Where is Ameren Missouri located?

St. Louis
About Ameren Missouri Ameren Missouri is part of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation, with a generating capacity of 10,500 megawatts. Ameren Missouri has been providing electric and gas service for more than 100 years, and our electric rates are among the lowest in the nation.

Where can I pay my Ameren Illinois bill in person?

You can pay your Ameren power bill through Firstech at your local Money Services – found in Kroger or Gerbes stores. With longer opening hours during evenings and weekends, you can pay your Ameren Missouri bill or Ameren Illinois bill in cash or debit card when it suits you.

Where is Ameren headquarters located?

St. Louis, MO

Why is my Ameren bill so high?

The reason why your electricity bills are so high is that the more electricity you use, the more you pay per unit of electricity. If your typical electricity usage is 900 kWh per month, and your average cents per kWh is $0.15, you would pay something around $135 per month.

How much is the average electric bill in Missouri?

In Missouri, those individual averages noted are $115.60 for electric, $76.55 for natural gas, $70.39 for water, $60 for internet and $85 for cable.

What is the phone number for Ameren Missouri customer service?

Ameren Missouri call 866.268.3729 * Card transactions are limited to 5 transactions per Ameren account within a 25-day period.

Where is Ameren based in Missouri?

Ameren is based in St. Louis, Missouri serving 2.4 million electric and 900,000 natural gas customers across 64,000 sq. mi. Ameren subsidiary owns Bagnell Dam on the Osage River, which forms the Lake of the Ozarks. Ameren Missouri is responsible for managing water levels on the lake according to federal regulations.

How do I pay for medical equipment with Ameren?

Call to make your payment. Fee: $1.85 convenience fee for each transaction. * Card transactions are limited to 5 transactions per Ameren account within a 25-day period. In order for us to be aware of customers who use electrically operated medical equipment, a doctor’s verification must be recorded on our medical equipment registry.

Should I start reviewing Ameren?

Start your review of Ameren. You know these guys. They’re the ones that make the news when the power goes out or when they are looking to raise our rates. Given that we just survived the hottest 2 weeks in Missouri history and it appears as if we’re entering another heat wave, I thought I’d check for a review and apparently I am the first.