How do I apply for a job at Digicel?

How do I apply for a job at Digicel?

You may visit Digicel website to find available jobs. You can create an account and apply directly to the opening that is available. If there is no opening available, you can send a general application. The Human Resource department will keep the application for a certain period.

What kind of operator is Digicel?

Digicel is a Caribbean based mobile phone network and home entertainment provider operating in 33 markets across the Worldwide regions. Digicel has operated in several countries, including Fiji, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St….Digicel.

Type Private
Key people Denis O’Brien (Executive Chairman)

What services do Digicel offer?

LISTEN MORE. Simply More. Music. 10GB. 150hrs Songs.

  • WATCH MORE. Simply More Entertainment. 10GB. 20hrs Television. Download now.
  • PLAY. MORE. Simply More. Sports.
  • SHARE. MORE. Simply More. Messaging.
  • KNOW. MORE. Simply More. News.
  • STORE MORE. Simply More Storage. 10GB. 10,000 Photos.
  • LISTEN. MORE. Simply More. Radio.
  • DO. MORE. Digicel Simply. More.
  • Where is Digicel headquarters?

    Kingston, Jamaica

    Digicel Headquarters, Jamaica read more This group of buildings is the headquarters of telecoms company, Digicel. Located on the waterfront in Kingston, Jamaica, the complex comprises a twelve storey office building, a restaurant and a telecoms switch building.

    How do I become a Digicel agent?

    Simple, visit a Digicel store or an Authorized CellMoni Agent to register your Digicel mobile number to CellMoni. It is free and should not take more than 5 minutes. Please make sure you bring your ID card as it will be required.

    How do I speak to a Digicel representative?

    Contact Us

    1. Customer Care Contact Information: Customer Care from Digicel mobile (local): 100/ 145 and select option 2.
    2. Corporate Address: Digicel Jamaica,
    3. MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS. All media and public relations queries should be addressed to:
    4. Work with us:
    6. Live Chat Daily (8am-8pm)
    7. Social Media.

    Who is the manager for Digicel?

    Brian Bennett-Easy, previously General Manager for Digicel Business, assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) on June 1, 2019. On that date, Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, was promoted to the role of General Manager for Digicel Business, having served as Sales Director for four years.

    Does Digicel work in UK?

    Prepaid Roaming “Roam like you’re home” is a brand new proposition available exclusively to all Digicel Prepaid customers who travel to UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Digicel Pacific (Samoa, Vanuatu, Nauru, Tonga and PNG).

    Who is the CEO of Digicel?

    Oliver Coughlan (Jul 2020–)

    Does Digicel work in the United States?

    Postpaid customers can purchase the plan which includes free incoming calls, bundled minutes, texts and data for use while roaming in the US, Colombia, Venezuela, The Netherlands and Digicel Caribbean and Central America markets. Please choose this network for roaming.

    How do I join cell Moni?

    Steps for Registration:

    1. Call *888#
    2. Reply to the prompt with 888.
    3. You will receive a temporary PIN via SMS.
    4. Reply to the SMS in the format: First Name# Last Name#Date-of-Birth#Occupation#Village# Province#Code.
    5. You will receive an SMS indicating the format in which to provide your secret word.

    What is Digicel cell Moni?

    CellMoni is an electronic wallet that sits on your Digicel Mobile Number offering a wide range of services such as Deposit, Withdrawal, Domestic Money Transfer, Topup Services, Bill Payments and much more. You can visit Authorized CellMoni Agents to convert your Cash into CellMoni.