How did U2 get their start?

How did U2 get their start?

It all began in 1976 when Larry Mullen pinned a ‘musicians wanted’ ad to the notice board at Dublin’s Temple Mount School: Drummer seeks musicians to form band. ‘So on Saturday 25th September 1976, ‘ recalls Larry. ‘This odd group of people convened in my kitchen in Artane. And that’s where it started.

When did U2 start playing?

Genres Rock alternative rock pop rock post-punk
Years active 1976–present
Labels Island Interscope Mercury CBS Ireland
Associated acts Virgin Prunes Brian Eno Daniel Lanois

What was U2 before?

The Hype
They were originally “The Larry Mullen Band”. Then, briefly, “Feedback”. Shortly after their debut gig they became “The Hype”. But in March 1978, this fledgling post punk band from Dublin finally settled on the name U2.

Who is Bono married to?

Ali Hewsonm. 1982

Is U2 Catholic or Protestant?

Bono’s father was a Catholic, his mother an Anglican. Adam Clayton (the bassist, English) and David Evans (the Edge, Welsh) came from Protestant backgrounds; Mullen had Irish-Catholic parents. Ultimately, of course, U2 stayed together: Bono, Mullen, and the Edge left Shalom.

How did Bono learn to sing?

Bono also trained with a retired American Operatic Soprano singer in his teens. Although he didn’t pursue Opera as a career, he did learn some basic things about the Serious technique needed to become a world class tenor. At least that is my understanding from the son of his teacher.

What is Bono’s full name?

Paul David Hewson
Bono/Full name

Bono, byname of Paul David Hewson, (born May 10, 1960, Dublin, Ireland), lead singer for the popular Irish rock band U2 and prominent human rights activist.

Why does Bono wear those glasses?

Bono has had glaucoma, a build-up of pressure in the eyeball, which can damage the optic nerve and potentially lead to blindness if untreated—for over two decades now. The real reason he wears his trademark shades is due to this progressive, sight-robbing eye disease, to protect his sensitive eyes from light and glare.

What is Bono lead singer of?

What is Bono’s favorite U2 song?

It’s Stay (Faraway, So Close!) and Bono named it as one of his… favorite U2 songs. Telling The Irish Post last year it was “perhaps the greatest U2 song,” Bono stated it had the “most extraordinary contour of a melody.

What are the best U2 songs?

1) With or Without You 2) Where the Streets Have No Name 3) All I Want is You 4) One 5) Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own

Why is the musical group U2 named U2?

It is theorized that the musical group U2 derived its name from a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft that crashed four days prior to the birth of the lead singer. The name U2 seems to be a rather poor fit with a band known for its pacifism. A U2 was an American spy plane, used during the 1950s, and early 60s.

What is U2 music?

About U2. U2 is an Irish rock band from Dublin , which started in post-punk but soon incorporated elements from various musical genres (funk, electronica, blues). Composed of Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards, and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen Jr (drums and percussion),…