How did Megatron win the Beast Wars?

How did Megatron win the Beast Wars?

Maximal campaign his aggressions were rebuffed, however, and the Maximals launched a counter-strike. After having secured access to the Predacon ship, the Maximals destroyed Megatron, winning the Beast Wars in the process.

Is Beast Wars Megatron the same Megatron?

However, the second most popular incarnation of the villain is the Megatron of Beast Wars. Before ending his transmission with them, this Predacon officially renames himself Megatron.

Who is Starscream in Beast Wars?

Starscream in robot mode. Starscream is the deadliest Decepticon Air Commander and the leader of the Seekers. The self-proclaimed pride of the Cybertron War Academy, he’s famous not only for his incredible skill, but also for his limitless (and troublesome) ambition.

What happened to Rhinox in Beast Machines?

Beast Machines Rhinox used the Key to Vector Sigma to try and destroy the Maximals and Megatron, but his plan failed due to Megatron’s safeguards preventing Tankor attacking him directly and Optimus’ use of the Plasma Energy Chamber, and he sadly died.

Why did Megatron become a dragon?

After absorbing the original Megatron’s spark, Megatron was thrown into a pit of lava and had gained a larger, red-dragon form that is capable of breath fire and ice, and is also absurdly strong, being able to best Optimus Primal’s Transmetal-II body in battle twice, tanking magma and the combined assault weapons of …

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What was Megatron’s original name?

During the Golden Age on Cybertron, Megatron was originally a mining bot designated D-16 before naming himself Megatronus, after the Prime of the same name.

What was Megatron’s name in Beast Wars?


Characters in the Beast Wars franchise Video games
Name Beast mode BWT
Blackarachnia Black widow spider Yes
Megatron T. rex / dragon Yes
Scorponok Scorpion (with bee drone) Yes

What happened to Optimus Prime in Beast Wars?

Optimus Primal was soon reborn in a Transmetal body and was later granted a more powerful body after taking Optimus Prime’s spark into his body to foil Megatron’s plans to change history. Despite his nemesis’s numerous machinations, the Predacons were defeated and Megatron brought back to Cybertron.

What animal is megmegatron in Beast Wars?

Megatron is the commander of the Darksyders, a gang of Predacons (the descendants of the Decepticons), and the main antagonist of two of the Transformers TV series, Beast Wars, and Beast Machines. He is the arch-enemy of Optimus Primal. His beast form is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, then a Transmetal Tyrannosaurus Rex, and later a Transmetal II dragon.

Does Megatron ever come back to life?

Despite much plotting and machination, such as the attempted murder of humanity and Optimus Prime, Megatron was defeated and brought back to Cybertron. Beast Wars

What happened to Megatron and the Maximals?

Megatron broke free of the hull of the ship while the Maximals are returning to Cybertron and Optimus, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia have lost their Transmetal properties and found themselves in their original organic beast modes and can’t transform back into their robot modes after entering Cybertron.

Why did Megatron put his original plans on hold?

Megatron put his original plans on hold to gather the massive amounts of energon on the planet that he could use to conquer the universe. His band of Predacons fought Optimus Primal’s Maximals in the Beast Wars.