How can I play lotto in Zimbabwe?

How can I play lotto in Zimbabwe?

To play Lotto, you need six numbers (from 1 to 45) to make a line on your ticket. You can pick your own numbers or play a Quick Pick, where random numbers are chosen for you by the system. At each live Lotto draw six numbers plus one bonus ball are drawn. If you picked 6 numbers matching the draw you win the jackpot.

What are the most winning Lotto numbers? reports that the number “23 tops the current list, with 57 draws since October 7, 2015. Also with more than 45 calls since then are the numbers 32, 61, 53, 69, 64, 3, 21, 27, 62 in descending order of popularity.”

How do I register for Africa lottery?

Here’s how you play: Step 1: Dial *515# and register with Africalotto. This involves simply agreeing with our terms and conditions. You will receive a pin code via sms immediately. Step 2: Dial *515# and then enter your pin.

How do you play Ussd lottery?


  1. Dial your bank’s USSD number on your cellphone. The numbers are:
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to pick your game.
  3. Choose your numbers.
  4. Pick how many boards you want to play.
  5. Decide the number of draws you want to enter in advance.
  6. Confirm your purchase.

How do I register my lottery on my phone?

The nla short code is *890# (formerly *959#). This is what you’re going to use to stake the lotto on your phone. Make sure you are registered on Vodafone Cash or MTN Mobile Money.

How do you win the maxmillions?

How to win Maxmillions. Seven numbers from 1 to 50 are drawn for each MAXMILLIONS Draw. You must match all seven numbers to win. There are no subsidiary prizes.

How much is a 649?

Each play costs $3 and includes one set of numbers from 1 to 49 for the Main Jackpot Draw and a second, 10-digit set of numbers for the $1-million GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW. Main jackpot starts at $5 million and will grow until won, with a guaranteed $1-MILLION PRIZE.

How can I win the African lottery?

Choose any 6 numbers ranging from 1-42. $40 will give you 4 lines/chances to win the Jackpot prize. 6 numbers will be drawn every Saturday at 1950 accompanied by a 7th Bonus Ball which is drawn just to increase your chances of winning.

How do I deposit money into lotto?

Depositing funds using a Debit or Credit Card within The Lott app

  1. Step 1: Login to the Lott app for iOS or Android. Open or download the The Lott app on your device.
  2. Step 2: Access the Funds section of the App.
  3. Step 3: Deposit Funds.