How can I buy Banglalink talktime?

How can I buy Banglalink talktime?

According to the new call rate, Banglalink users can buy a 460 minutes bundle pack at 297 BDT. This talk time is available for any net call. The validity of this package is 30 days. To activate this offer, dial *166*297#.

How can I check my bl offer?


  1. Dial *888# to see the specific offers.
  2. Now Banglalink Prepaid, Postpaid, PROpaid and Call & Control (C&C) customers can avail offers from Amar Offer.
  3. Amar Offer will host special offers such as Talk-Time offers, Internet packs, Recharge bonuses, Tariffs, and a lot of more exciting propositions.

How can I check my minute offer in bl?

Banglalink provides the best value to their customer. It offers 250 minutes for 30 days to its customers. If you want to enjoy the offers you have to dial *166*137#. Besides this, *124*100# is the USSD code to check the balances.

How can I buy Banglalink minute bundle?

Balance Check USSD : *121*100#

  1. All prepaid and Call & Control subscribers are eligible for this minute pack.
  2. Customers can purchase the pack from MyBL app, or recharge of Tk.17 or by dialing *121*17#
  3. Minutes can be used for calls to any local operator (Except IVR or short codes)

How can I buy 5 minutes in Banglalink?

Banglalink Minute Offer 5 Tk For this, you have to dial * 132 * 5 #. By dialing this code you can enjoy this offer immediately.

How can I migrate my Banglalink Ek package?

Banglalink Desh Ek Rate Darun

  1. Enjoy a simple tariff plan with flat rate of 24 paisa/10 second to all local numbers.
  2. Bangla SMS tariff will be 25p/SMS and English SMS tariff will be 50p/SMS.
  3. 10 second pulse is applicable.
  4. For free migration just dial *121*1*4# and enjoy Banglalink “Desh Ek Rate Darun”

How can I buy 15 minutes in Banglalink?

Banglalink declares the 15 Minutes pack to their official websites….15 Minutes Banglalink-Any Network at 9 TK.

Total Minutes 15 Minutes
Activation Code *1100*6*4#
Validity 2 Days
Minute Balance Check *5000*500#
Purchase Amount 9 BDT

How can I buy 1 GB in Banglalink?

Balance Check USSD : *5000*500#

  1. Please click on the “Activate” button and follow the instructions to purchase the pack online.
  2. 1GB volume can be used for BiP services.
  3. This pack can also be purchased from eSelfcare and MyBL App.
  4. To purchase this pack dial *121*1012#
  5. If the offer is purchased again (1GB @Tk.

How can I get Banglalink minute number?

To enter the menu customer has to dial *1100# After entering the menu, customer has to dial the given serial number against a pack to purchase that pack. All prepaid and Call & Control customers are eligible for these offers. Pack minutes/SMS will be applicable for local calls and SMS only (Not IVR or short codes)

How can I change my Banglalink SIM package?

To migrate Banglalink packages, subscribers need to write valid keyword and send SMS to the numbers below. Another way to Migrate: You can change FNF number calling 123 and following direction of the IVR service free of charge.

How can I call Banglalink Customer Care?

If You Have A Problem Getting Connected, Don’t Hesitate To Call Our Customer Care At +8801950111111.

What is Banglalink Toffee bonus?

Referred users (invited new user) will receive a 1GB bonus with a validity of 7 days (Users can get this once in a lifetime), if the user redeems the referral code within 24 hours from first sign-in. The bonus will be Toffee-exclusive. That is, the user can only use Toffee App with this bonus.

What is Banglalink recharge offer 2021?

Banglalink Recharge Offer 2021, BL Recharge Pack, Call Rate Info: Special call rates will be started immediately with a recharge of Tk.52, Tk.59, Tk.159, Tk.11, Tk. 21, Tk. 39, Tk.79, Tk. 139. All Banglalink prepaid and C & C customers will be considered eligible for this offer. Special call rates are applicable only for local numbers.

Is bangalink’s new call rate offer a good option for You?

Recently Bangalink has announced its another call rate offer for the Banglalink customers. When it comes to calling randomly many other operators and lots of contacts – that time you may need an offer that will fulfill your demand. In those circumstances, I think the call rate offers will be a great option for you.

How to purchase special call rate in Telkom India?

To purchase the special call rate, customers can recharge exactly Tk.159. To check balance dial *121*100# and to know in which call rate you are at, dial *121*1*2#. The recharge amount will be added to the customer’s main account.

Who is eligible for the special call rate offer?

All prepaid and Call & Control subscribers are eligible for this bundle offer. To purchase the special call rate, customers can recharge exactly Tk.159. To check balance dial *121*100# and to know in which call rate you are at, dial *121*1*2#.