How big is South Side Ballroom?

How big is South Side Ballroom?

27,000 square feet
South Side Ballroom is the largest of the 7 venues at Gilley’s Dallas with 27,000 square feet of space. With three tiers, the South Side Ballroom is easily scalable to fit a variety of capacities.

How many people does South Side Ballroom hold?

An intimate space for 2,500 guests, a larger room for 4,000 guests, to an expansive festival atmosphere outdoors, South Side Ballroom can accommodate a large variety of events.

How many people fit in House of Blues Dallas?

Venue Capacities

Location Reception Theatre Seating
Restaurant & Bar 400 180
Music Hall 1000 700
Foundation Dining Room 100 40
Foundation Room Lounge 200 80

How big is the bomb factory?

50,000 square foot
The Bomb Factory is a state-of-the-art, 50,000 square foot venue located in the heart of Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum which is known for its rich music-centric culture.

Does House of Blues Dallas have food?

Dine indoors or on our patio! Come for the food, stay for the music. Enjoy live performances here in House of Blues Restaurant & Bar. The live music is always family friendly.

Who owns the Bomb Factory in Dallas?

Clint and Whitney Barlow
The Bomb Factory

Owner Clint and Whitney Barlow
Type Music Venue
Genre(s) Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Indie, EDM
Capacity 1,000–4,300

What happened to the bomb factory in Dallas?

DALLAS, Texas – The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum has dropped bomb from its name and is now rebranding as The Factory in Deep Ellum. The Bomb Factory and its neighboring venue, Canton Hall, have been rebranded, and launched their new websites and social media accounts.

How old do you have to be to get into the House of Blues Dallas?

Age limit to enter: All ages welcome – unless otherwise stated on the ticket. Everyone needs a ticket to enter. Ages 0-12 must be accompanied by an adult to enter.

How long are House of Blues Concerts?

1 answer. You should be out by 11:30 approx…the shows last approx 1.30 hours and start relatively on time :-D. over a year ago.

Why is it called the bomb factory?

HISTORY. In the early 1900s, the building was used to manufacture Ford automobiles. During WWII, the building was used to manufacture bombs and ammunitions for armed forces, hence the name, “Bomb Factory”.

Who owns bomb factory Dallas?

What do I wear to a concert?

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to dressing for a gig; stick to comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Opt for loose-fitting T-shirts and jeans for optimal comfort, and bring a jumper or cardigan to layer. You can also go with a denim jacket, as they’re versatile and light.

What is the history of the south side ballroom?

The South Side Ballroom is a historic venue in the Cedars District of Dallas, Texas. Formerly known as the Palladium Ballroom, the venue formally renamed and rebranded to its current name in 2013. The venue is part of the Gilley’s Complex, which first opened in 2003.

How big is Gilley’s Dallas south side ballroom?

South Side Ballroom is the largest of the 7 venues at Gilley’s Dallas, with 26,000 square feet easily accommodating up to 3,800 guests. With three tiers, the South Side Ballroom is easily scalable to fit a variety of capacities.

What are the rules of south side ballroom?

What are the general rules of South Side Ballroom? NO Video NO Recording Devices NO Cameras NO Coolers NO Backpacks NO food or drinks brought into venue NO Smoking allowed. However a smoking patio is located just outside the ballroom. 21 & older with valid ID to drink.