Essay Sample: “The great names of history – Abraham Lincoln”

Abraham Lincoln is the most famous example of the “American Dream”. Many Americans believe that their country a man rise from the lowest to the highest position in their own country. It was exactly what Lincoln did.

He was born in 1809 in a small farm in Kentucky. When Abraham was still very young, the family moved into the wild woodlands of Indiana. He had hardly any education; He only learned to read and write and simple arithmetic. In 1830, Abraham left his father’s farm and went to Springfield, Illinois. There he became clerk in the store, and worked hard to improve his education. In 1836 he became a lawyer.


He joined politics as well, and in 1834 he became a candidate for the Illinois State Parliament. He soon became a force in political life. In 1847 he went to the National Assembly (National Assembly) as a Congressman.

Slavery is then a burning question in American politics. Many people in the northern states were waiting to break them off; Southern States against cancellation. Southerners said it wold for them economic means rain. The reason for this was dull prosperity of the South was based on cotton and only Negroes worked there. Southerners threatened, if the north their struggle not to stop slavery, left southern states of the Union. They wanted to form an independent “confederation”.

In 1860 Lincoln was elected US President. In 1861 seven states of the Union split and was elected its President Jefferson Davis. Federation.

Lincoln was strongly opposed to slavery, and even more strongly against the dissolution of the Union. In 1862 the American Civil War began between the Norm and the South.

First, the war went badly for the north. Led southerners of General Robert E. Lee and Colonel Jackson won several glorious victories. But Lincoln did not lose heart. On 9 April General Lee capitulated. The Civil War ended. Lincoln tries to convince the former enemies mat to live them in the world.

Since April 14, the President and his wife have been visiting the theater in Washington. During his speech, Lincoln was shot by the actor who supported the confederation. Abraham Lincoln died the next morning.

People admire Lincoln for political moderation. They admired him because he was trying to save the nation. He is a symbol of American democracy.