Does Tomoko Nomura like Onizuka?

Does Tomoko Nomura like Onizuka?

Eikichi Onizuka Onizuka makes Tomoko join a beauty contest, which she loses, but she was discovered for her talent and looks, jumpstarting her career as a model and actress. She is infatuated with him and hopes to one day become a good wife to him.

What happened Noboru Yoshikawa?

Anko’s bullying is so bad it included bruises over most of his body as well as writing made with permanent marker around his private parts, it makes Noboru attempt to commit suicide twice, both times by leaping off the roof of the school, and both times resulting in him being saved by Onizuka, at the cost of Vice- …

Is Kikuchi smarter than Kanzaki?

6 Good: Kikuchi Yoshito His IQ level surpasses university-level students by miles. Kikuchi and Kanzaki are believed to be the smartest kids of their high school, if not the whole city.

Does Kanzaki like Onizuka?

More to the point, Urumi does not usually feel anything when she does something bad. Later on, Urumi becomes more genuinely emotional and stops causing trouble. She also developes a crush on Onizuka. In regards to her intelligence, Urumi is capable of speaking 5 different languages.

What is Urumi Kanzaki secret?

What Urumi Kanzaki Secret? Well if you still wish to know and haven’t saw it yet, Urumi secret is that she’s a test tube baby or something along that line.

Does Anko like Yoshikawa?

Anko gains a crush towards Yoshikawa after he saves her from getting drowned even being tape recorded by Kunio and her friends in disguise when a disguised Onizuka threatened her which makes her admit she loves Yoshikawa.

What was Kanzaki’s Secret in GTO?

Does Kikuchi like Urumi?

Urumi Kanzaki He has been quite close to Urumi it seems knowing quite a lot about her past, though probably not as much as Tomoko. If possible, Kikuchi prefers avoiding any trouble with Urumi.

What was Urumi Kanzaki secret in GTO?

How smart is Onizuka?

Onizuka is not very educated or book smart, having slacked off for most of his school life and rarely studying. He may not be book smart, educated, or have common sense, but he’s a veritable genius as his insane feats prove.

How did GTO end?

At the end of the anime, Onizuka goes to teach in America at a junior high school in California; however, in the manga he remains at Holy Forest Academy.

What class is Tomoko Nomura in?

Tomoko Nomura is a student belonging to Onizuka’s homeroom class, Class 3-4. She is a childhood friend of Miyabi Aizawa and Urumi Kanzaki. Tomoko first appears as a member of Miyabi’s clique. Despite being part of Miyabi’s inner circle, Tomoko is not popular. She is bullied by others for her lack of intellegence.

What does GTO stand for in Tomoko?

A side-story in the manga features Tomoko and her manager, also called GTO, only it stands for Great Tomoko Oppai (Oppai meaning breasts). In it, Tomoko’s manager embarks on one very madcap adventure to save her from her dubious producers.

What happened to Onizuka in Shonan 14 days?

In Shonan 14 Days, Onizuka revealed on a live television program that he nearly buried one of his students for thinking that she is dead. Although he denied the claim that he did this on purpose, the crowd did not take it and Onizuka was forced to leave Tokyo for a while until the outrage subsides.

What did Urumi do to Onizuka?

Urumi Kanzaki kicks Onizuka into a hole, and later forces him to wear S&M garb and has him crawl around on all fours, with Urumi riding on his back.