Does Henry make a 17 caliber rifle?

Does Henry make a 17 caliber rifle?

The Henry® Varmint Express® Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle is chambered for the . 17 HMR, a rimfire cartridge with sizzling velocity and considerable more range than conventional rimfire rifles. The Varmint Express features a Monte Carlo buttstock to better align the shooter’s eye with optic sights.

What calibers can you get a Henry lever-action in?

Selection. Henry offers rimfire rifles in 17, 22 and 22 Magnum caliber as well as centerfire rifles in 357, 44, 45, 30-30 and 45-70 caliber. There are lever actions, pump actions, semi-automatics and bolt actions available. There’s even a Mare’s Leg (legally a pistol but a kind of hybrid lever-action pistol/rifle).

Who makes a lever-action 17 HMR?

Henry rifles makes a few different variations of their famous lever action rifles in . 17 HMR.

Does Henry rifle make a 30 06?

30-06), and it has achieved legendary status as the ubiquitous deer round for a lever action rifle through many, many decades of hunting. Why the H009?

What caliber does a 30-30 shoot?

.30-30 Winchester
A 5.56×45mm NATO (left), .30-30 cartridge (center) and 7.62×51mm NATO (right)
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history

How many 17 calibers are there?

  • 222 Remington Family Wildcats. The 222 family of cartridges is probably the most popular case in use today for the 17 caliber wildcats.
  • 17 MACH IV. The 17 Mach IV was designed by Vern O’Brien, Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1962.
  • 17 JAVELINA.
  • 17 PPC.
  • 17 Remington Fireball.
  • 17 PEEWEE OR 17-30 CARBINE.

What’s the difference between a 17 and a 17 HMR?

The 17 WSM sends a 20 grain bullet out at 3000 fps, whereas the HMR is sending a 17 grain bullet at 2550 fps. With a 10 mph crosswind, at 100 yards the WSM will drift 1.6 inches vs the HMR at 3.1 inches over. That could be the difference between a hit and a miss.

What is the best lever action rifle?

Considered by many to be the most revolutionary lever action rifle in the Winchester family, the 1886 offers chamberings in the most powerful cartridges and is widely considered to be the strongest lever action rifle available.

What is the largest caliber lever action?

Henry .45-70 Lever Action. Dubbed “the choice of big-game hunters,” Henry’s .45-70 Lever Action (Model H010) is capable of handling even the largest game in North America. It features a blued steel receiver with a round, 18.43-inch barrel and a tubular magazine with a four-round capacity.

What calibers do lever action rifles come in?

The Browning BLR is a lever-action rifle manufactured by Browning Arms Company. It comes in many different variations and is chambered in calibers from .22-250 Remington to .325 WSM and .450 Marlin.

What was the first lever action rifle?

Probably the first lever-action rifles on the market were Colt’s 1st and 2nd Model Ring Lever rifles, both cap and ball rifles, produced by the Patent Arms Mfg. Co. Paterson, N.J.-Colt’s Patent between 1837 and 1841. The ring-lever was located in front of the trigger.