Does FedEx deliver mailbox?

Does FedEx deliver mailbox?

The majority of the products they ship are packages, both large and small…and if you think about it, those packages won’t fit inside of normal mailboxes! That’s a big reason why these carriers leave packages on your doorstep, in addition to it being illegal for them to touch your mailbox, of course.

Can I rent a PO box from FedEx?

Here at Westwood’s PO Box Los Angeles, we are partnered up with FedEx and DHL for you. Let’s get set up here at PO Box Los Angeles! Contact our office today to set up your professional private P.O. box rental in Los Angeles (310) 287-9982.

Does FedEx do mail?

Parcel and Mail Management Services Let FedEx Office handle all the details of incoming and outgoing shipments at your location, regardless of the carrier or delivery company.

Does FedEx help you box?

The FedEx Office pros can even create a custom box for hard-to-pack items. At 2,000+ FedEx Office locations, you can get expert packing and guidance to help you choose the shipping services that fit your needs. Peace of mind means we stand behind our packing services.

Can UPS deliver to mailbox?

UPS does not deliver to mailboxes. Delivery to mail boxes is solely the responsibility of the USPS.

How much is a UPS mailbox per month?

Breaking Down UPS Mailbox Costs Small size boxes from UPS run between $10 and $30 a month, Medium size boxes run between $20 and $40 a month, and Large size boxes run between $30 and $50 a month.

Can Amazon deliver to a PO Box?

Yes, the company does. But how you fill out your address will determine if you’ll get your parcel to your PO Box or not. So, if you want your package sent to your box, let your PO Box be on your shipping address 1 line field.

Can USPS deliver to a PO Box?

Private shipping companies or carriers, such as UPS, FedEx and Amazon, are not able to deliver to (place mail in) a PO Box. Only the United States Postal Service® is permitted to deliver mail to (place mail in) a PO Box.

Can FedEx deliver to a mailbox 2021?

Is It Legal For FedEx To Put Packages In Your Mailbox? Yes, even with FedEx’s longstanding business partnership with USPS, they still can’t use the USPS-monopolized mailboxes.

How can I contact FedEx?

To contact FedEx by phone, go to, click the Support link near the top-right corner of the home page, and then dial the telephone numbers provided under Contact Us by Email or Phone. Click the Additional Phone & Mailing Information link to view more phone numbers for different departments.

Can FedEx deliver to mailbox?

By law, neither UPS or FedEx are allowed to deliver to USPS residential mailboxes. Each company has a standard set of rules for making deliveries. Personally, with the wages UPS pays, there is absolutely no reason for a driver to be so lazy as to not leave the parcel where they are supposed to.

Does post office take FedEx?

In the spirit of cooperation, the package will be taken to the post office and the USPS will call FedEx to pick it up. Sometimes, however, the mail carrier that delivers to the local FedEx office will deliver the package to FedEx.

What are FedEx’s delivery hours?

Delivery Day and Times: FedEx Express: Mon – Fri -> 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. FedEx Ground: Mon – Fri -> 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. FedEx Home Delivery: Tue – Fri -> 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat -> 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.