Do you have to kill the Rachni in the hot labs?

Do you have to kill the Rachni in the hot labs?

He says that the rachni in the labs are beyond saving and you must activate the neutron purge to kill them all. If you’re looking for Benezia, he tells you he hasn’t seen her. A Rachni Soldier out of nowhere flings him across the room and now you have to kill it.

What happens if I activate the neutron purge?

Once you enter the elevator, you’ll hear the neutron purge activate below you, and you’ll be back in the tram station. If you’ve yet to visit the Secure Labs, head over there to complete the final objective of Noveria, Matriarch Benezia.

Should I release the Rachni in Mass Effect 1?

Overall, the best decision is to save the Rachni Queen. She offers more benefits to having saved her in Mass Effect 1 than killing her. When she appears again in Mass Effect 3, and you choose to save her from the nest, she becomes a superb asset.

How can we save the Rachni Queen?

Players can choose to let the Rachni Queen go free or kill her. If players choose to spare the Rachni Queen, she’ll flee to the wilderness of Noveria and promise Shepard that her children will remember the kindness shown to her by the Commander. If players decide to kill her, the Rachni Queen will plead with Shepard.

Should you save Rachni queen?

The only time you want to let the Rachni Queen die is when you initially killed her in the first Mass Effect. Overall, it’s a better choice to help the Rachni Queen escape the reaper nest, but only if you let the one on Noveria leave. If you did not, leave her and get out of the caves with Aralakh company.

Where is matriarch Benezia?

Benezia is found in a secure lab deep within Noveria’s Peak 15. Small talk between her and Shepard’s team is exchanged, but ultimately unfruitful as it quickly devolves into a firefight. Benezia places the whole squad in temporary stasis while her commandos move into position.

Does the Rachni Queen betray you?

If you enlist the help of the Clone Rachni Queen: the clone isn’t the same Rachni Queen, and ultimately will betray you. You initially get 100 points of Rachni support for the war; but ultimately they turn on you later in the game, and an email will reveal that they have fleed.

Should I save grunt and the Rachni Queen?

To that end, you should always choose to save Grunt’s team if you didn’t save the Rachni Queen in the first game. By saving the original Queen from the Reapers, you can gain just as many resources from her Rachni as you would by saving Grunt’s team.

How many War Assets has the best ending?

To get the best possible ending — as in, you’ll actually get an ending at all — you’ll need to collect 3100 War Assets.

Should we save Aralakh?

If you leave the rachni to die, you will gain Aralakh Company as a war asset worth 25 points, but no rachni assets. If you choose to rescue the original queen from Noveria, Aralakh Company will suffer grievous losses in the holding action, reducing their strength by 25 points.

Can you save Rachni Queen and grunt?

Can You Still Save Grunt After Saving the Queen? It should also be made clear that Grunt won’t be ensured to die if you choose to save the Rachni in Mass Effect 3. So long as you completed his loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, he’ll be able to fight his way out of the Reaper-controlled Rachni’s tunnels.

Should I save Benezia?

Fortunately, Benezia is on her own for the final phase, so avoid her biotic attacks and lay your own at her to bring her down: it’s time for Benezia to die. Even though she’s seen the light, she knows she can’t escape Saren’s mind control as long as he’s still alive.

Is there a Mass Effect wiki guide for the Benezia mission?

This page of IGN’s Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Matriarch Benezia Mission on Noveria, including how to get through all combat encounters, where to find every source of loot, and pick the right dialogue choices for your playthrough.

Who is Liara Benezia in Mass Effect?

According to Liara, Benezia feels that the asari should have a greater role in shaping galactic events. She is Saren Arterius ‘ executor and a fellow Binary Helix investor. “This mission just got a lot more complicated.” — Spoilers for Mass Effect follow.

Where is Matriarch Benezia and how do I find her?

If you can capture her, it is likely she has insight into his plans. You’ll learn from your first talk with Gianna Parasini that Matriarch Benezia is on Peak 15 on behalf of Saren. The first part of this sprawling mission entails getting a garage pass in order to leave Port Hanshan and reach her.

How do I beat Benezia?

Take them out from afar, hiding as best you can to avoid ranged biotic attacks. As long as you keep moving and keep the gunning heavy, you should have no problem with the initial waves. Finally, you’ll kill enough waves of enemies that Benezia will seem to submit.