Do diabetic socks really work?

Do diabetic socks really work?

Diabetic socks work to improve blood flow by providing warmth without constriction. Because diabetes causes poor circulation in the feet, it’s important not to constrict the blood vessels there. Lastly, diabetic socks protect the feet from injury by offering lots of cushioning.

Why can’t diabetics wear colored socks?

Diabetic socks will keep your feet warm and dry to avoid blisters, ulcers, and fungal infection. You should also avoid wearing dark-colored socks because you may not notice blood or discharge from a wound on your foot.

Will diabetic socks help with neuropathy?

If you have peripheral neuropathy, you should wear diabetic socks regularly. Even if you don’t have peripheral neuropathy, if you have diabetes it’s still a good idea to keep at least a few pairs of diabetic socks on hand. Wear them when you’re physically active, on your feet, and while traveling.

Should diabetics wear socks at night?

Avoid wearing compression socks at night unless prescribed by your doctor. Even though they’re known to improve circulation by increasing blood flow, they aren’t meant to be worn to bed.

Is soaking feet in Epsom salt good for diabetics?

Taking good care of your feet can help lower your risk of foot damage. Although some people soak their feet in Epsom salt baths, this home remedy isn’t recommended for people with diabetes. Soaking your feet may raise your risk of foot problems.

What is so special about diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed socks to 1) reduce pressure in the lower leg and foot, 2) prevent blistering on the skin surfaces, and 3) minimize moisture accumulation. Ultimately, their jobs are to protect your feet and provide maximum comfort. These socks are typically non-elastic and seamless.

What does a diabetic sock do?

A diabetic sock is a non-restrictive, but close fitting sock which is designed to alleviate pressures on the foot or leg. Typically sufferers of diabetes are the most common users of this type of sock. Diabetes raises the blood sugar level, which can increase the risk of foot ulcers.

What is the best brand of diabetic socks for men?

The best diabetic sports sock is the Wigwam Diabetic Sport Crew sock. Wigwam Diabetic Sport Crew socks are great for both diabetic and arthritis sufferers and approved by the American and Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

Are diabetic socks good for circulation?

People with diabetes who also have peripheral arterial disease may need compression stockings or hosiery to help with circulation and reduce swelling. Compression stockings are not the same as diabetic socks as their purpose is meant to increase constriction so that blood can return to the heart.