Do deer eat zucchini plants?

Do deer eat zucchini plants?

Growing Zucchini. Pest resistance: Unlike some crops, such as corn, peas and beans which will get eaten by deer and raccoons, chances are the Zucchini plants will be left alone. One reason why deer and other animals do not like Zucchini, is because the stems have hairs, kinda like little spines on the stalks.

Is sweet potato good for deer?

Sweet Potato is probably good for deer. However I do not know any licensed deer breeders to ask, so I am guessing based on my experience with other animals. One thing I am pretty certain of is that deer really do not like Basil or Peppermint.

Do deer eat potato plants?

Our experience is that deer do not ordinarily eat potato plants. Deer may nibble at any plant, experimenting to see if it is good to eat, but potato leaves, like tomato leaves, are somewhat toxic.

Can deer eat potatoes?

RE: Do Deer eat Potatoes. Once the potatoes are half grown, many deer will be in the spuds regularly, in addition to but in spite of other crops being available. After the potatoes are harvested, deer flock even more to the fields to take advantage of any spillage. In fact, they are quite good at pawing up any leftovers as well.