Dissertation Writing

July 18, 2016


The UK has always been the country with one of the highest educational standards of the world. That is why being recognized as a professional and respected scholar, or businessperson is difficult, especially if you reached some scientific heights. If a person intends to go beyond his/her written or conducted research, it may be a high time to think of writing a dissertation in your field of expertise.If your commitment is strong, and you have some previous research to continue the survey in the same field of study, you smoothen things down for yourself a bit in terms of looking for an appropriate topic and the line of future research since for many of those people who, for instance, study and lives in the UK, in the USA, Canada or Asia and start working on their dissertations, experience a great deal of stress and academic pressure at the very beginning.

That’s when a dissertation writing process turns into tortures, and, as a result, it loses any appeal to a person who is supposed to work on it.

Still, if you are a student from the UK or any other country, let us recollect first the most complicated parts of the dissertations. In general, they are:

  • Discipline – Topic Correspondence (On various occasions, other derivative-disciplines may be involved in the dissertation and a writing person is unaware of their core meaning);
  • Literature Review Composition (Finding credible scholarly sources to support a thesis, methodology and discussion of the dissertation may well be a great deal of a challenge);
  • Research (Finding a problem, an event, a question for closer examination and data collection as well as taking surveys, polls and interviewing people);
  • Methodology Determination (Coming up with ways of conducting research and analysis);
  • Findings Determination and Their Meaning and Value to the Field of Study;
  • Multiple Drafts, Revisions, Omissions, Amendments, Data and Figures Corrections;
  • Personal Distractors (Such as family, relatives, friends, beloved ones, etc.).

This is a brief list of things that make this UK-US-Canada-Asia-dissertation-writing-process challenging for its writers. Nonetheless, writing itself is even more difficult than all these parts altogether as many Ph.D. candidates unconditionally try to avoid it in most cases. They perceive it as a burden and not willing to take this challenge despite reasons of conscience.

The best advice in this respect is to accept the challenge and get down to writing since eating and scratching want but a beginning. If you wait for a moment of inspiration to come to start writing, you will not begin at all. Avoiding a problem, doesn’t mean solving it.

In this case, you postpone the unenviable and make things worse for yourself and your dissertation. However, there is one good trick how to ease the burden slightly: write about a topic that interests you. This is a trivial trick, but it worked for many as the interest goes far ahead of the need. At least, your advisor will certainly appreciate your commitment to the subject and lend his/her helping hand.

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