Did IQVIA buy Quintiles?

Did IQVIA buy Quintiles?

[7] IQVIA, “QuintilesIMS is now IQVIA,” Press Release (11/6/2017).

Is IMS and IQVIA same?

QuintilesIMS has changed its name to IQVIA to reflect its October 2016 merger with IMS Health. IMS Health and Quintiles came together because our clients were asking for better, faster ways to bring innovations to patients and capture the improvements the industry has been pursuing for years.

Is IQVIA a good company?

Overall, IQVIA is a strong consultancy in life sciences. Corporate focus is unquestionably on data, and many projects center on data delivery; that said, there are plenty of opportunities to join one-off engagements.


IQVIA, Syneos Health, ICON, and Parexel are some of the world’s largest global clinical research organizations (CROs). These are full service global CROs with offices spread all around the world and capable of managing both small and large clinical trials across all therapeutic areas.

What IQVIA Philippines?

IQVIA Philippines is the leading partner of nearly every major pharmaceutical and healthcare organization in the country. Its combination of industry experience and expertise helps industry players optimize portfolios, ensure successful launches, manage brands, and improve effectiveness of sales teams, among others.

Is LabCorp same as Covance?

Covance is Now Labcorp Drug Development. Our name has changed but our mission remains the same—to continue bringing you advanced drug, device, and diagnostic breakthroughs.

Why choose Quintiles Transnational?

Quintiles Transnational is the largest pharmaceutical outsourcing services company in the U.S. With offices in 60 countries, Quintiles provides product development, financial assistance and commercial services to assist pharmaceutical companies in their clinical trials.

What does quintiles company do?

Quintiles Transnational Corporation. U.S.A. Incorporated: 1982 as Quintiles, Inc. Quintiles Transnational Corporation is a comprehensive provider of contract research, marketing, and sales to the global biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

When was quiniles founded?

In January 1987, Quintiles Ltd. began operations to serve clients in the United Kingdom. Originally established in London, the company’s office moved to Reading in 1989 to take advantage of greater office and laboratory space, a move that resulted in considerable expansion of Quintiles’ British operations.

What year did quintiles go public?

1974: Dennis Gillings signs first contract to provide statistical and data management consulting for pharmaceutical clients. 1982: Quintiles, Inc., is incorporated in North Carolina. 1997: Quintiles goes public, completing successful secondary stock offering.