Did Dovewing and Bumblestripe have kits?

Did Dovewing and Bumblestripe have kits?

WARNING: THIS IS CRINGEY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK This book takes place 7 moons after the Great Battle, when Dovewing and Bumblestripe become mates and have kits of their own. When Dovewing hears that a she-cat can have a litter with kits from two different toms she relizes that could be her.

Who was Jayfeather in love with?

During his visit, he is taken back to the ancient Tribe times. He begins to show more and more affection to Half Moon, at one point falling in love with her.

Who does Bumblestripe end up with?

After he became a warrior, Bumblestripe was increasingly close with Dovewing, who chose to become his mate instead of breaking the code to be with Tigerheart, a ShadowClan cat.

Who does Lionblaze mate with?

He and Cinderheart became mates and had two litters of kits: Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Flywhisker, Spotfur, and Snaptooth.

Who is Dovewings kits?

Family. Dovewing’s parents are Birchfall and Whitewing, and her sister is Ivypool. Her mate is Tigerstar, and Shadowsight, Lightleap and Pouncestep are their children.

Who does Ivypool mate with?

Ivypool became mates with Fernsong, and the two had three kits, Bristlekit, Thriftkit, and Flipkit.

Does Jayfeather like Half Moon?

At the end of The Last Hope, during the Final Battle, Half Moon refers to Jayfeather as her love. Although Jayfeather does not approve of the relationship he sympathizes heavily implying he was remembering Half Moon.

Who does Jayfeather have kits with?

Jayfeather and Half Moon’s kits have been born — Soaringkit, Leapingkit, and Divingkit with Ivykit and Dovekit. The five kits will gradually grow into apprentices, then warriors, and things will be different. They will effect the Clans, how they live, and even if there will be a final battle.

Who is Rose petals mate?


Name Rosepetal
Mate Dominoclaw
Daughters Cherryflame, Dawncloud, Cloudpelt, Waterpaw
Sons Hawkecho, Ravenstone, Darkheart, Rainkit (Dead), Stormtalon, Thornbush, Sagewhisker, Foxspring, Emberpaw
Close Friends Breezesong; Purespirit

Does Cinderheart and Lionblaze have kits?

As Cinderpelt died, her spirit transferred to the newborn Cinderkit. Finally, Cinderpelt’s spirit left to StarClan and she became mates with Lionblaze. Cinderheart mothered his kits, Hollykit, Sorrelkit, and Fernkit, and later Snapkit, Spotkit, and Flykit.

Who are Jayfeather’s kits?

Who are Whitewing’s parents?


What happened to Jayfeather and Lionblaze?

Fulfilling the prophecy, he, Lionblaze, and the third cat, Dovewing, helped the Clans fight off the Dark Forest in the Great Battle. After the battle, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing lost their powers, and Jayfeather gained an apprentice, Alderheart, whom he grew very close to.

Does Bumblestripe fall in love with Dovewing?

Bumblestripe develops feelings for Dovewing, though she runs into Tigerheart, and she agrees to meet with him again. After telling Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool about their powers, Dovewing breaks off her relationship with Tigerheart, due to recognizing her loyalties to the prophecy.

What happened to Jayfeather after Bramblestar?

After the battle, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing lost their powers, and Jayfeather gained an apprentice, Alderheart, whom he grew very close to. After Bramblestar’s revival, he was adamant about punishing the codebreakers. Jayfeather was one of them and was forced to swear an oath of loyalty.

What does Dovepaw tell Tigerheart about Jayfeather?

When Dovepaw discovers that her sister is training in the Dark Forest, Ivypaw insists it makes her a better warrior. Meanwhile, Dovepaw meets Tigerheart at night in secret. However, when Dovepaw tells Tigerheart about Jayfeather’s supply of catmint, he uses this knowledge to aid ShadowClan.