Biography Sample: The stages of life and work of Auguste Comte (part 2)

Between three intervals, to differentiate in the task of Comte. The first period (1819-1828), the book of six little applications functions, «opuskul», defines nearly coinciding with all the period of its own co-operation with St-Simon. In “opuskul” he summarizes the rules and manners of the mental and societal change, where the requirements in a condition[…]

Biography Sample: The stages of life and work of Auguste Comte (part 1)

Auguste Comte was a true creator, “father” of sociology – a moot point. There is no doubt that was his godfather, since given its name, coined the term “sociology.” However, the guardians of the purity of scientific language is often emphasized the character’s name “barbarian”, which defined the science of society newborn; because it consists of[…]

Essay Sample: “Overpopulation: Possible solutions”

Overcrowding is marked as undesirable state as a whole, which means that the population has exceeded available resources. Several factors have a significant impact on the overflow. Firstly, the reduction in mortality advances in technology and medical related. Secondly, a large number of immigrants in the developed world, where the cause of congestion. These factors[…]

What is Business Ethics And Its Importance

Moral dilemmas are obligations, the privileges and obligations between an organization and its workers, providers, clients and neighbors. Corporate ethics is thus a kind of integrity that is expert. Its important use in companies will be to restrain ethical or moral issues that appear inside the enterprise environment. Business ethics, also called corporate integrity, studies methods[…]

Essay Sample: “Sustainable and Profitable Business”

Today, companies are confronted with many problems. These problems represent the societal, economic and ecological effect of the business. Materiality requires determining human-rights problems, which are not of insignificant to its business and the company. In contemporary world, change is now a center feature of success sport within schemes and company procedures. Globalization, technological progress,[…]