Can you work at Starbucks with tattoos?

Can you work at Starbucks with tattoos?

Visible tattoos on face and neck are not allowed. Other visible tattoos are permitted so long as they don’t contain obscene, profane, racist, sexual, or objectionable words or imagery.

Can you have colored hair at Starbucks?

Starbucks really has no problem with employees dyeing their hair any shade of the rainbow. In other words, Starbucks doesn’t allow its workers to wear temporary hair dye, and other temporary hair changes – including colored hair sprays, hair glitter, and hair chalks – are also off-limits.

Can you wear plaid pants at Starbucks?

Employees can wear a range of shirt colors, including gray, navy, dark denim and brown. Muted and subdued patterns are okay, but brightly colored plaids should be left at home. Shorts, skirts, dresses and pants are allowed, as are dark-wash jeans.

Do Starbucks employees have to wear hats?

Hats are optional unless required by state or local laws. Where required, Starbucks will provide a Starbucks logo hat, or the partner can wear a personal hat in one of the styles below that meets regulations. Hats issued to partners for a Starbucks promotion may be worn during the promotion.

How do you get a Starbucks apron?

Baristas who have graduated from the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, a partnership with Arizona State University that covers employees’ tuition for a bachelor’s degree through ASU’s online programs, receive an apron embroidered with a mortarboard.

Do Starbucks workers have to wear a hat?

Can I wear green at Starbucks?

Starbucks says employees now have more fashion choices to wear underneath the company’s signature green apron – within reason. The revamped company attire rules now includes gray, navy, dark denim and brown tops along with shirts with small stripes, tone-on-tone plaids and tight patterns.

Can I wear vans at Starbucks?

You can wear Vans, but they’d have to be brown or black with only small accent colors. Suede is not allowed, and they’d have to be non-slip. You have to wear slip resistant shoes and have them a certain color.

Can you wear a headband at Starbucks?

For food-safety reasons, hair color must be permanent or semipermanent; no sprays, glitter, chalks or temporary products. Tie long hair back with plain clips or hairbands to avoid contact with drinks or food. Please keep beards and mustaches neat and trimmed.

What does a red apron at Starbucks mean?

Some are for holiday celebrations — baristas have worn orange aprons in the Netherlands to celebrate King’s Day, while baristas in the US have worn red aprons to celebrate the coffee chain’s holiday blend. Pale blue aprons are used to indicate “Frappucino Happy Hour,” according to Starbucks’ website.

What does a black Starbucks apron mean?

coffee master
If you walk into Starbucks and notice an employee with a black apron, ask them any coffee questions you have, because they’re a Starbucks-certified coffee master. The title of “coffee master” means that a barista has expert knowledge about Starbucks coffee.

What does a black apron at Starbucks mean?

What tattoos are allowed at Starbucks?

Starbucks employees cannot show off any face or throat tattoos, and any tattoo with questionable imagery must be covered as well. The chain also doesn’t allow more than two earrings per ear, as well as no septum piercings.

What is the dress code for Starbucks employees?

moderate length. No nail polish or artificial nail coverings of any kinds—nothing that could chip or slip into food or drinks. Securely fastened buttons or pins issued by Starbucks (for special recognition, or a promotion) are welcome. You are not permitted to wear buttons or pins that advocate a political, religious or personal issue.

Can you have a nose piercing at Starbucks?

In 2019, Starbucks slightly adjusted its dress code to allow facial piercings for the first time, including nose studs and ear gauges, though they couldn’t be larger than a dime. According to Yahoo! a Starbucks representative noted, “We believe the Starbucks Experience is best delivered when partners can bring their whole selves to work.

Can you wear a ring to work at Starbucks?

No jewelry is allowed on the hands or wrists, including watches (you can wear one plain band, so wedding rings are good to go, though engagement rings are not). While you might think that Starbucks’ employee dress code rules are a bit harsh, they were once much harsher.