Can you use Tru oil over French polish?

Can you use Tru oil over French polish?

I know that sounds like a lot of fluff, but it really is the case. If you like French polish, but don’t like some of the quirks of the finish (keep that pad moving now!) then you should try Tru-Oil. If you don’t sand, polish the wood surface with your finest smoothing plane until it gleams in the sunlight.

What Polish do French polishers use?

French polishing consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with one of a variety of oils.

What oil do you use when French polishing?

French polishers use many different oils, but the most commonly used oil, based on my experience, is olive oil. The second would be mineral oil, followed by walnut oil. Different oils bring different properties to the finish during the application and the long-term properties of the finish itself.

What finish is used on guitar necks?

What Material is best for guitar Neck finish? Nitrocellulose is thinner than Polyurethane and Polyester so it resonates better but offers less protection from dent and scratch. Poly Finishes offer a Harder finish with more Gloss but can constrict the wood from expansion and contraction compressing the tone.

Is Tru oil the same as Danish oil?

Having used both (but for different things) I would say they’re pretty different. Tru Oil builds more of a finish on the surface while Watco Danish Oil seems to soak in more without leaving as much surface film.

What is tru oil used for?

Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish has been the professional’s choice for gunstock finishing for more than 30 years. It’s also an excellent finish for furniture, turnings and wooden tool handles. Tru-Oil contains a unique blend of linseed and natural oils. The finish dries fast and will not cloud, yellow, or crack with age.

Which type of varnish is a variety of French polish?

Spirit varnishes
Spirit varnishes or lacquers French polish is a variety of this type varnish.

What is a French polish finish on a guitar?

The luster, texture, and color of the wood are all noticeably enhanced under an expertly applied French polish finish. The cured shellac film is also very thin and flexible and is believed to produce the clearest and most natural sound from the vibrating wood of the guitar, especially the top plate.

How to remove old Tung oil finish from wood?

There’s no telling what the condition of that old tung oil finish is in. I would prepare the wood by sanding with 150, then 220 grit to get the wood clear of the old finish. Then I would brush or spray a base coat of 2# cut shellac, one or two applications before proceeding with the french polish.

What varnish to use on a guitar neck?

Violin varnish with a brush and oil/urethane with a brush. The oil/urethane is great for the neck. Its satin finish so its not slippery. Another finish related question. Generally woodworkers would always try to treat both sides of a piece of wood equally, for stability, yet the custom with guitars is to leave the inside unfinished.

What is the secret to French polishing?

Any particles (or even tiny wrinkles in the pad) will mar the surface of the finish. The inner pad should be fairly wet, though not dripping wet.Now, here’s a “secret” about french polishing. It’s certainly a beautiful finish and those who learn to do it can justifiably be proud of their skill.