Can we return JSON from WCF service?

Can we return JSON from WCF service?

WCF has option to send the response in JSON object. This can be configured with WebGet or WebInvoke attribute. In this sample we can create the sample RESTful service to expose the method to read/add/update/delete the employee information. Below code shows how to configure the JSON response format.

How do I return a JSON from a Web service?

Let us create a web Service and see how to return a JSON response from the same….Add the following code in the code behind file of the service.

  1. using System.Web.Script.Serialization;
  2. using System.Web.Script.Services;
  3. using System.Web.Services;
  4. namespace WebServiceXMLtoJSON.
  5. {
  6. public class Students.
  7. {
  8. public int StudentId.

How do I return a JSON response to a RESTful web service?

Create RESTEasy Web Service to Produce JSON with @BadgerFish Now create a class whose methods will be exposed to the world as web service. Use JBoss @BadgerFish annotation that supports to return response as JSON. To return JSON as response we need to use media type as application/json.

How do I return JSON in API?

Get ASP.NET Web API To Return JSON Instead Of XML

  1. public static void Register(HttpConfiguration config)
  2. {
  3. config.Routes.MapHttpRoute(name: “DefaultApi”, routeTemplate: “api/{controller}/{id}”, defaults: new.
  4. {
  5. id = RouteParameter.Optional.
  6. });
  7. //To produce JSON format add this line of code.

How do I return clean JSON from a WCF service?

6 Answers. Change the return type of your GetResults to be List . Eliminate the code that you use to serialize the List to a json string – WCF does this for you automatically. WebInvoke with Method= “GET” is the same as WebGet, but since some of my methods are POST, I use all WebInvoke for consistency.

Does WCF support JSON?

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) support for ASP.NET Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format allow WCF services to expose operations to AJAX clients.

What is an Asmx Web service?

asmx extensions is an ASP.NET Web Service file that provides communication between two objects over the internet using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). It is deployed as a service on the Windows-based Web Server to process incoming request and return the response.

How do you create and return a JSON object in Java?

How to return a json object from java to javascript (cordova)

  1. import org.
  2. JSONObject item = new JSONObject(); item.
  3. JSONArray jsonArray = new JSONArray(); jsonArray.
  4. String response = “myinformation”; PluginResult result = new PluginResult(PluginResult.

How do I get data in JSON format in Web API?

Let’s explore them:

  1. Change the default formatter for Accept: text/html to return JSON.
  2. Change the default formatter for Accept: text/html to return JSON, and also return a valid Content-Type: application/json header.
  3. Completely remove the XML formatter, forcing ASP.NET Web API to return JSON by default.

How do I return JSON in WebAPI net core?

To return data in a specific format from a controller that inherits from the Controller base class, use the built-in helper method Json to return JSON and Content for plain text. Your action method should return either the specific result type (for instance, JsonResult ) or IActionResult .

Can Actionresult return JSON?

Some action result types are specific to a particular format, such as JsonResult and ContentResult. Actions can return results that are formatted in a particular format, regardless of client preferences. For example, returning JsonResult returns JSON-formatted data.

How do I return JSON in a WCF service?

If you wish to return objects as JSON in a WCF service, you can simply set the response format as WebMessageFormat.Json in the contract. – Cody Jul 5 ’12 at 16:28 Cody DataContract SUCKS.You cant do key value and dates are screwed with no return.

Does rest WCF Web API use JSON?

END UPDATE UPDATE 8/2/2012ASP.NET Web API(previously WCF Web API, the replacement for REST WCF) uses Json.NETby default END UPDATE The DataContractJsonSerializeris unable to handle many scenarios that Json.Nethandles just fine when properly configured (specifically, cycles).

How to deserialize the JSON-encoded data into a new person?

Deserialize the JSON-encoded data into a new instance of Person by using the ReadObject method of the DataContractJsonSerializer. Show the results. The JSON serializer throws a serialization exception for data contracts that have multiple members with the same name, as shown in the following sample code.