Can Ni-Al hydrotalcite oxidize P-nitrobenzyl alcohol?

Can Ni-Al hydrotalcite oxidize P-nitrobenzyl alcohol?

Oxidation of p-nitrobenzyl alcohol with TBHP as oxidant and zeolites [13] requires longer reaction durations. Choudary et al. [14] reported that Ni–Al hydrotalcite showed good activity for the oxidation of allylic alcohols, ketones, substituted benzylic alcohols to benzaldehyde by O 2.

What is 4n4-nitrobenzyl alcohol?

4-nitrobenzyl alcohol is a member of the class of benzyl alcohols that is benzyl alcohol substituted at the para-position by a nitro group. It has a role as a xenobiotic metabolite. It is a member of benzyl alcohols and a C-nitro compound.

How much hydrogen peroxide do you mix with nitrobenzyl alcohol?

p-Nitrobenzyl alcohol (2 mmol) and catalyst (0.4 g) in acetonitirle (15 ml) and 30% hydrogen peroxide (1 ml) are mixed at room temperature and heated at 90 °C under stirring conditions, for the required duration.

Can benzylic alcohols be oxidized with hydrogen peroxide?

Zhao et al. [9] have reported oxidation of benzylic alcohols to benzoic acids with mesoporous modified catalysts in hydrogen peroxide under solvent free conditions and found poor selectivity towards aldehyde formation. Due to the acid formation, it is also a tedious procedure to isolate the product from the reaction medium.