Can neon bar lights be repaired?

Can neon bar lights be repaired?

When Neon Signs Are Repairable Usually, a professional can take one look at the sign and figure out whether you have a voltage problem or if something is wrong with the transformer. You can also do some repairs yourself, if you are confident. Sometimes, older neon signs can also have leaded glass.

How much does it cost to fix a neon beer sign?

Repairs start at $115.00. If your sign has one broken tube the cost for the repair the sign is typically $115.00 +tax. We offer quantity discounts if you have more than one broken tube or more than one broken signs. When we repair your neon sign we remove the broken neon tube and fabricate a new replacement tube.

How do you size a neon transformer?

To determine the required transformer voltage, multiply the operating voltage by 1.5 for argon/mercury and 1.8 for neon. Repeat this procedure for each tube in the sign, and tally the total for all tubes you want to put on one secondary circuit.

How do bars get neon signs?

Usually it is distributors who purchase those items from the brewery and then give them to their clients to advertise their portfolio, and in turn, hopefully generate more sales.

Why do neon lights burn out?

Usually, when you see “burnt out” neon signs it is likely due to transformers failing, or the wiring connecting the glass tubes overheating. You do not need to worry, our neon lights are designed for home use using a low voltage power supply.

Are neon signs valuable?

Age – In general, older neon signs are worth more than their newer counterparts. 1950s neon signs and those made even earlier are among the most valuable. Newer retro-style signs still have value, but the real deal is always worth more.

Are neon repairs expensive?

The cost of repairing a simple break runs about $50 if neon and $60 if it had argon gas, as the tube has to be cleaned prior to being repaired. Often a break will destroy several feet of glass and you may be better off having a new tube made.

Are neon transformers AC or DC?

The two neon transformers, which require 230 V AC input are connected to the medium voltage GND at one side and the other side is left open, and a plug for that is available at the outside of the box. By means of external wiring, it can be connected to one of the 70, 100, 120 or 140 V AC outputs.

How many watts is a neon transformer?

The power consumption of a given neon tube depends on the type of transformer used and the color of the neon, but consumption of 3 1/2 to 4 watts per foot for red neon is typical.

Can neon lights explode?

Neon does not explode randomly. Neon and Argon Gas are both Inert Gases- they are not themselves poisonous.

What neon light supplies do I need for my signage?

Here you can find every pertinent Neon Light Accessory you will ever need to ensure your neon signage functions properly. Our selection of Neon Light Supplies includes neon sign power supply units, neon sign transformer kits, remote control power switches, sign covers, GTO cables, flashing units, storage crates, and more.

What if I have an accident with my neon sign?

If you have an accident with one of your neon signs and need replacement glass, contact me and I’ll gladly assist you in locating the necessary unit. If your power supply goes out, I stock new and used transformers.

How do I purchase a replacement neon sculpture tube?

You can purchase just the replacement sculpture neon tube. Simply call us at 480-322-0670 or contact us online and we will help you with the purchase of the replacement sculpture tube you need… If your neon sculpture tube is broken?

Why choose jantec neon?

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