Can I still use Smart Tag?

Can I still use Smart Tag?

The government aims to implement MLFF with RFID by 2026. So if you’re still using the physical TNG or SmartTAG, you are still able to use them after January 2022 but you are encouraged to switch to RFID which provides greater convenience as it is linked directly with Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

How do I use my pay N Go touch toll?

How do I activate PayDirect?

  1. Step 1: Launch your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app.
  2. Step 2: Tap on Toll icon and then tap on PayDirect icon.
  3. Step 3: Click Add TNG Card Now to add a Touch ‘n Go card.
  4. Step 4: Enter your Touch ‘n Go Card 10 digit serial number.

Can smart tag eWallet?

Can I still use the SmartTAG and Touch ‘n Go card at highways to pay my toll?…What are the differences between SmartTAG and TNG RFID Tag?

No registration & activation required Requires registration & activation in Touch ‘n Go eWallet
Can be used with any vehicle Can only be used for the vehicle which it is installed & registered

How do I connect RFID to Touch n Go?

Click on the RFID icon on the home screen of your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. Click on the ‘Activate’ button. Fill/Check your account details. Register your vehicle.

How do I reset my Smart Tag?

Reset the SmartTag

  1. First, open the SmartTag’s battery cover.
  2. Remove the battery, and then press and hold the button on the center of the SmartTag.
  3. While still holding the button down, reinsert the battery.
  4. Hold the button for five seconds, and then release.
  5. Snap the battery covering of the tag back together.

What is the function of smart tag?

Function. The Galaxy SmartTag is a tracking device which can be attached to various objects that are easily lost with a small strap (sold separately) or by other means, such as a keychain. Objects include keys, luggage, purses, among others. The device can then be located with an app using Bluetooth LE.

How does Touch n Go work?

Touch ‘n Go Card TNGSB uses contactless smartcard technology. Each time a user uses the Touch ‘n Go card, the electronic card reader will deduct the exact fare from the value stored inside the card. Users can top-up or reload the card with a pre-defined amount to continue using it.

Why Touch n Go not deduct from eWallet?

No, because the balance in the Touch ‘n Go card and the eWallet are separate and not interchangeable. Toll fare deductions can only be done from one source of the fund at a time and thus, you will not be able to pass through the toll.

Is Smart Tag RFID?

While the government has stated its intent at having radio frequency identification (RFID) as the new standard for toll collection in the country, Efkon Asia believes that the SmartTag system should not be abandoned, but instead have its deployment increased, as it would reduce congestion at toll plazas and help speed …

How do I activate my RFID tag?

The online NHAI FASTag has been conceived in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) concept wherein a customer can self-activate it by entering customer and vehicle details in My FASTag mobile app. Thereafter, the customer will have to link the tag to an existing bank account of his/her choice.

How do I know if my RFID is working?


  1. Go to ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Intermec Settings’ > ‘Main Menu’ > ‘RFID’
  2. ‘RFID’ > ‘Enable RFID’ should be ON.
  3. ‘RFID’ > ‘Application connection’, ‘Allow External BRI Connections’ is check by default and the field ‘BRI TCP Port’ is 2189.

How do I connect my Smart Tag?

Smart Tags

  1. Activate the NFC function on your phone so that the phone is able to recognize NFC tags.
  2. Download the Automator App for iOS or Android.
  3. Open the Automator app.
  4. Tap the small + button in the upper right corner.
  5. Swipe your iPhone or Android smartphone over a Smart Tag.

Did you know Touch n GO stopped selling smart tag devices?

Many people do not know, the company Touch N Go has stopped selling the Smart Tag device used to automatically pay for your toll fee on all major highways in Malaysia back in 8th August 2018. In a post published on the 8th August 2018 on the web portal

What is Touch ‘n Go RFID?

The Touch ’n Go RFID will be a new electronic toll payment system that uses a sticker to pass through the toll. The RFID sticker is embedded with a radio frequency chip and can be fixed onto the vehicle’s windscreen or headlamp.

How do Touch ‘n Go tolls work?

The RFID sticker is embedded with a radio frequency chip and can be fixed onto the vehicle’s windscreen or headlamp. As the vehicle passes through the toll, an overhead scanner reads the radio frequency from the Touch ’n Go RFID sticker to lift the toll barrier and charge the toll fare.

What is Touch ‘n Go eWallet and how does it work?

The Touch ’n Go eWallet is a mobile app, so you will need a smartphone to make the relevant top-ups, although there may be an offline reload option in the works. When will Touch ’n Go RFID be implemented in Malaysia? The Touch ’n Go RFID pilot phase involving interested members of the public will begin on 3 September.