Can I post slow-motion videos on Instagram?

Can I post slow-motion videos on Instagram?

Head over to Clideo’s Slow Motion Video tool, which allows you to create a slow motion video for Instagram on Android, iPhone, Mac, PC or any other device. You’ll be greeted by a big blue ‘Choose file’ button. Tap this and upload a file.

How do you put iPhone videos in slow-motion on Instagram?

Start with the Camera App On your iPhone, open the native Camera app and slide the screen to the right or left until you see “SLO-MO” in yellow positioned right above the record button. In the bottom right corner you can now tap on the “FPS” text to change it from 240 frames per second (FPS) to 120 FPS and back again.

Does iPhone 6 have slow-motion video?

When Apple first unveiled the iPhone 6 lineup, it also added the ability to alter the speed at which the Camera app could capture slow-motion video. Under the Camera section, select Record Slow-mo. There you’ll find two options, 1080p HD at 120fps, or 720p HD at 240fps.

How do you post a slow mo video on Instagram?

  1. Open Instagram and long- press your profile icon on the top left corner.
  2. Now swipe left and tap on “Boomerang”
  3. Make the boomerang and once done, tap on the infinity sign in the top right corner.
  4. Choose whichever effect you want: Slow-mo, echo, duo and trim.
  5. Once done, tap on “send” and you are good to go.

How do you slow mo a video on iPhone?

How to shoot a slow motion video on iPhone

  1. Open your Camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Slo-mo to turn on the slow motion feature.
  3. Tap the red Record button or either of the side volume buttons to start recording.
  4. Tap one more time to stop recording.
  5. Head to the Photos app to play back your slow motion video.

How do you slow mo on iPhone?

How to shoot a slow-motion video with your iPhone

  1. Navigate to your iPhone’s Camera app.
  2. Scroll through the shooting modes above the shutter button and tap Slo-mo to turn on the slow motion feature.
  3. When you’re ready to shoot your film, tap the red Record button or one of your side volume buttons.

How much slower is iPhone slo-mo?

How slow is iPhone slow motion? The normal viewing speed on an iPhone is 60 frames per second (FPS). All iPhone models have the ability to shoot slow motion videos at 120 FPS, which is one-half normal speed.

Can I send slo-mo videos?

Share with an Android/Windows/Chrome OS user To share a slow-mo video to an Android/Windows user via MMS or another service, you’ll need to export it to iMovie like Brad mentioned. Here’s how to do that: Take your slow-mo video in the camera app.

How do you slow down a Instagram video?

Part 2 How to Make a Slow Motion Video on Instagram Story Start recording the boomerang, and once done, click on the infinity sign in the top right corner. Then, the different effects will pop up, choose the SlowMo effect, the second one from left to right, to slow down the video.

How do I slow mo a video?

Just tap the settings icon on both Android and iOS phones and select the “slo-mo” or “slow motion” option, then shoot your video. To keep all this footage from getting unwieldy, it’s best to record your slo-mo scenes in short bursts, about five to 10 seconds each.