Can I change the weights in my Scotty Cameron putter?

Can I change the weights in my Scotty Cameron putter?

Unlike most adjustable clubs, however, Scotty Cameron putters are not designed to allow players to change the weights themselves.

How much should a putter head weigh?

Head Weight – Most putters are defined as standard at approximately 350 grams. Head weight will affect how a player squares up the face at impact. During a fitting, it is important to test both lighter and heavier head weights to see which type you respond to best.

Do all Scotty Cameron weights fit all putters?

These sole weights will fit certain Select, Studio Select, GoLo and California putters, including the new 2018 Select Squareback. Experiment with different weights.

Are Scotty Cameron weights glued in?

The wrench allows easy removal of the putter weights. Note: The Scotty Cameron® weights are installed at the factory using a mild bonding adhesive. Apply a little heat to the factory weights if hand loosening is difficult.

Should I add weight to my putter?

Most people don’t consider adding weight to the grip end of the putter, but doing so can help balance things out for a more unified feel. It effectively improves the whole putter’s MOI for more consistency, especially on off-center putts. It’s also a good way to quiet down the hands.

What is the best weights on a Scotty Cameron putter?

Putter Length-to-Weight Recommendations

Putter Length Lighter Extra Heavy
36″ N/A 2 x 15g weights
35″ 2 x 5g 2 x 20g
34″ 2 x 10g 2 x 25g
33″ 2 x 15g 2 x 30g

What does adding weight to a putter grip do?

When you add weight to the grip of the putter, you are trying to balance out the grip end with the putter head end. Sometimes this is done to help to counterbalance the club and get a more consistent feel. When the grip of the putter is much lighter than the club head, it can cause an off-balance feel for some golfers.