Are yongnuo flashes any good?

Are yongnuo flashes any good?

Conclusion. The Yongnuo system is a very capable and affordable option for getting your flash off camera. Add in the fact that you get TTL and high speed sync and it’s a definite win. The few cons that I have seen, to me, are not worth the added expense of getting a higher-end system.

What is the latest Yongnuo flash?

Yongnuo YN-560IV Speedlite Being the most recent version of the 560 flash line, the YN-560IV comes with even more intuitive controls. Furthermore, the YN-560IV is similar to the YN-560 III in terms of flash power and zoom range, although its recharge rate is 1 second slower.

Is Yongnuo compatible with Canon?

Yongnuo flashes – Yongnuo offers the whole range of flash speedlites for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. If you are interested in Manual flashes like Yongnuo YN560 IV or Yongnuo YN660 then keep in mind that these flashes are cross compatible (you can use them on both Canon and Nikon cameras). …

Does yongnuo work with Sony?

So does it work with the Sony a7 series? The short answer to this is YES! The YN-560 III and IV are a single firing pin flashes and are compatible with most cameras having a standard hotshoe when mounted directly on the camera .

Which is better Godox or Yongnuo?

Even stepping slightly up the range, Godox easily stand toe-to-toe with Yongnuo on price, yet often beats it on features. Most importantly, though, Godox have a unifying system that encompasses all of their flash gear, even their older generation lights which don’t have built in radio triggers.

Is Yongnuo 560 IV TTL?

Features & Functionality: Full suite manual control But before we dive into all the things it does well, let’s talk about what you won’t find in this flash. The most notable omission is TTL. Yongnuo provided this flash with 2.4GHz wireless triggering, as well as S1 and S2 optical trigger options.

How do you use yongnuo flash trigger?

You can also purchase additional Yongnuo transceivers to trigger multiple flashes at once. To use the Yongnuo RF-603 as a shutter release, simply attach one unit to your camera’s hot shoe mount, turn both units on, and use the second unit to remotely fire your camera.

Is Yongnuo compatible with Godox?

No, the Godox trigger will not work with the Yongnuo flash. Well, there is one way but I really would not recommend it. Godox make the X1R-C receiver.

Will Godox work with Yongnuo?

2 Answers. If you’re trying to control a Yongnuo YN685 via radio using a Godox X2T transmitter, it won’t work. They speak different “languages” that aren’t compatible with one another.

How do I reset my YN 560 IV?

To reset your YN-560, hold the audio and mode buttons (“C” and “D” in the diagram above). This is how you access settings. Now that you’re in settings, press the up arrow key (“G” on diagram) until you see “CL EA.” Now hold the okay button and you’ll see chasing squares at the bottom right.

What is a trigger in photography?

An image trigger initiates the capture of single or multiple frames of a digital camera by analysing the signals of its sensor. At each triggering event the camera head now sends a frame (or a set of frames) to the host computer to be processed or archived for further use.